Samhain. Halloween. My favourite time of year. It's time for carved pumpkins, clocks rolling back, and the creeping darkness embracing the shortening days. More importantly, the veil between worlds has thinned as the world around us dies and rests. The bare branches and fallen leaves give us reminder to honour and connect not just with our dead loved ones and ancestors, but with death as an important part of life's cycle. 



Lately I've been taking a healthy heap of inspiration from the past, perhaps because to look forward seems so uncertain. Like most, I've been holding my home close to my heart and finding renewed appreciation in the richness of my local region. Possibly due to the pandemic, or potentially as I've been exploring different career and educational paths, I've found myself rather fascinated by medical history. I've always been someone who balances the line between art and science, so anatomical drawings satisfy all areas of my curiosity.



We've switched over to our thick, warm bedsheets, and my alarm has begun rousing me to dark, chilly mornings. I've been wrapped in chunky cardigans and drinking entirely too much hot cocoa (if such a thing exists). Everyone's autumnal content has me daydreaming about my upcoming annual leave and spending it enjoying crisp leaves and crisp air. I've seen a few autumn 'bucket' lists full of simply beautiful ways to spend the season, so of course, I had to put together my own.