Monday, 29 June 2015

Dogs Trust Fun Day!

Yesterday, Freddie, his dad, and I took his dogs to a Dogs Trust fun day in Hutyon. Obviously I was bursting with excitement over the promise of doggies, cute little stalls, and other dog-themed activities.

The weather was beautiful and there were so. many. dogs. I was in dog-petting heaven. I think I petted at least 40 different dogs. We entered Freddie's dogs into one of the light-hearted dog shows that were on throughout the afternoon - the most handsome dog class. The adorable Patrick won fourth place! He was also rather good at the have-a-go agility course, which was hilarious to watch.

Here he is looking rather proud of himself!

The stalls were lovely, with lots of tombolas, lovely independent pet companies, including a doggie graze box company which I thought was really cool. We bought some dog lucky-dips for Patrick and Morse, and I ended up buying myself a Dogs Trust bag and mug, and a Jack Russel calendar. I just couldn't resist! I also got to hold some ferrets named Ronnie, Muffin, and Flossy and I think I fell in love. They were so cute and just wanted to snuggle into my jacket and fall asleep. I definitely think ferrets are hugely underrated now.

Ronnie, my new, true love <3

The most important thing to remember is what an important cause the day was in aid of. Dogs Trust ensure that healthy dogs in their care are not euthanized, and provide permanent homes for dogs that can not be re-homed*. The care and re-homing of dogs, which are sometimes troubled from unpleasant experiences, is a huge job yet they do this and so much more! As a charity, they depend on the public to help them raise the funds to do this wonderful work. They're a cause close to my heart as my sweet Cally was a rescue dog, as are Freddie's dogs. The thought of any poor animal being abandoned breaks my heart, so it's comforting to know that Dogs Trust are there to give them brilliant care until they find their forever home. If you're getting a dog, please consider adopting rather than buying from a breeder. There are so many lovely doggies in rescue centres full of love to give you!

You can find out more about Dogs Trust and everything they do here, including adopting or sponsoring dogs.

- Kiah xxx

* Points 1.3.1 and 1.3.2 of their constitution, which can be found here.

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