Monday, 7 September 2015

#NWmeet - My First Blogger Meet

I was lucky enough to attend my first ever blogger meet up, #NWmeet, on Saturday. I was so happy to be invited, especially as my blog is pretty new! It was hosted by Katy and Sammy in aid of The Recovery Bag Project, an extremely important cause. It was such a wonderful experience, which I am so grateful for. I warn you now, this post is going to be rather photo-heavy!

Before the event, we were given directions to the location, but no name or address, and a password. This was super exciting, and well worth the wait. The Secret Warehouse is a beautiful venue, with exposed brick walls, wooden floors, and open, airy space, decorated with Buddhas and beautiful iron chairs. There was also a gorgeous rooftop garden which everyone loved, and a 'meditation room' full of statues and ambient lighting. Much to everyone's delight, there was an adorable French Bulldog wandering around, who belonged to one of the owners as far as I'm aware. Her name is Martha - how cute?! I was actually so distracted by her that I didn't really take any pictures of the rooftop garden (what a fabulous, professional blogger I am).

There was a huge mirror and lots of props for some great photo opportunities. I was really nervous that everyone would know each other and I'd be the only new blogger but that wasn't the case. It was the first meet up for lots of people, and everyone, no matter how experienced, was really friendly and supportive. I spent most of the day with Danielle of Student to Staff Nurse, and Hannah from Pull Yourself Together, who were both lovely and gave me some brilliant advice. I honestly feel inspired to have more faith in myself and my blog, and to commit to it more than I have previously.  

Katy and Sam had arranged lots of little activities and competitions for us to get involved with, all of which were lots of fun. There was a kissing wall, with a W7 Full Colour Lipstick* for each of us (I picked  the shade 'Sandpiper') and an opportunity to guess how many midget gems were in a jar to win a Jones and Jones dress. We were each given a number on the way in - if your number matched then you'd win a piece from Disney Couture. We all took part in a big raffle to raise money for The Recovery Bag Project - what was really lovely was that anyone who had a number drawn twice gave it to someone else so everyone got a prize. I was lucky enough to win a beautiful handbag from Vendula London* (you'll get to see that in another post), something which made me feel incredibly fortunate as I'd also won the twitter competition to win a Pulsaderm Buddy*!

There was a brilliant food table full of delicious snacks and drinks, from gorgeous cupcakes from The Cake Days, to Just Bee infused water. I took home a pack of Proper Corn Sweet Coconut and Vanilla popcorn*, which I can't wait to try, a bar of Green & Blacks organic milk chocolate* which I've already devoured and it was delicious, and a Paleo Energy Bar from The Primal Pantry* which I'm going to let Freddie try. Most interestingly, we could try Blk. water*, which is black due to the fulvic minerals in it, but tastes no different to clear water. It's very strange drinking something that looks so unusual yet tastes so regular. It's really good for you and weirdly fun to drink. 

We were given a talk by Lush, who demonstrated their Validation Facial, as well as telling us more about how Lush works ethically down to every detail, along with some much appreciated skincare advice. We were given Lush samples as part of our goody bags, which you'll hear more about in another post - I've loved every Lush product I've ever tried and I'm incredibly excited to try these! It was really interesting and informative, and I definitely think I'll be saving up for a trip to the Lush Spa.

This Material Culture also came to give us a talk about blogger and brand relationships, from the brand's point of view. For a new blogger who hasn't yet worked with any brands, this was really helpful and confidence-boosting. This Material Culture are a quirky, adorable, online jewelry shop, who honestly have something for everyone. I actually couldn't resist buying a little Jack Skellington ring from the pieces they'd brought to show us. 

 I had an amazing time meeting people, and feel so much more confident in my blogging. Everyone was so friendly, supportive, and chatty - all my fears of being awkward with no-one to talk to were totally unfounded! Thank you and well done again to Katy and Sammy for organising such a fabulous event! 

Kiah xxx

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