Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Sweater Weather Tag

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It's definitely no secret that I adore Autumn and literally everything about it. When I saw that Hannah had done the Sweater Weather Tag, I simply had to pinch it. The questions are just so cute!

Favourite candle scent? 
I know I recently said my favourite was the Salted Caramel Yankee Candle but having had chance to properly try the Candy Corn one, it's definitely in the running. It smells much better burning than it does, er, not burning. Any sweet smells are just lovely!

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?
Hot chocolate, no question. It's wonderful in all it's variations - white hot chocolate, chocolate orange, and the lovely forest fruits/berry-ish one Costa does in the winter that I can't quite remember the proper name of. I love it all.

Best autumn fragrance?
Honestly, I'm not big into perfume so I can't really answer that one.

Best autumn memory?
I've been to Alton Towers with my family at Halloween a couple of times when I was younger and it was so much fun. Even though I was too young, my mum lied about my age so I could do the haunted walk-throughs they have, and I think this is when I truly fell in love with all things spooky and scary. I have so many brilliant and hilarious memories of those days out.

Favourite book that you're reading this autumn?
I'm just starting my third year of university and beginning to research for my dissertation so any reading I've been doing has been educational-only, so I'll have to get back to you on this one.

Which make up trend do you prefer - winged eyeliner or dark lips?
To me, winged eyeliner is less a trend, more a permanent part of my face, so I'll have to say dark lips. I love the slightly gothic look of dark, dramatic eyes, and red or berry lips.

Favourite roast dinner food?
Yorkshire. Puddings.

What is autumn like where you live? 
It's particularly windy on the Wirral, it being a peninsula. Other than that, it's your usual autumn weather, which I love. There's nothing nicer than getting all cosy after being cold outside.

Most worn sweater?
I recently had to part ways with my most worn jumper because it was just too bobbled to wear anymore. It was a lovely patterned one. So I think my adorable H&M shark jumper which I found in a charity shop is going to be the one I wear the most this autumn and winter.

Must-have nail polish this autumn? 
I'm not hugely adventurous with nail varnishes due to be being shockingly bad at doing my nails, but I do love a good black nail in autumn. You may be noticing I tend to unleash my inner goth queen in the colder months...

Football games or jumping in leaf piles?
Leaf piles, duh! Who doesn't love crunching leaves?!

Skinny jeans or leggings?
Skinny jeans - unfortunately I'm not blessed with proportions that make skinny jean shopping easy so often end up with jeggings. The more jean-like, the better, though.

What's something nobody knows about you?
Literally nobody?! The last thing I ate was a Wispa biscuit or three. Healthy and balanced of course.

Combat boots or Uggs?
Combat boots for sure. I've never once in my life had the urge to wear Ugg boots.

Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?
Nope, sorry. I tried it once because I really wanted to like it but I just don't do coffee. If it was pumpkin spice anything else, I'd probably adore it.

Favourite autumn TV show?
I don't really watch much TV - student flat, lack of TV license and all. However, I do use Halloween as an excuse to watch the entire seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer which is my all-time favourite TV show.

What song gets you in the autumn spirit?
Anything from The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack or Nightmare Revisited. Or some sneaky premature Christmas songs!

Hats or scarves?
Scarves. I love how hats look and I love wearing hats but they're a wee bit annoying when you have to re-do your hair every time you take it on and off to avoid chronic hat-hair. Scarves are cosy and pretty and don't make you look like you've been electrocuted.

Favourite thing about autumn?
It's just so hard to choose! Halloween and everything associated with it will have to be my answer.

Favourite autumn movie?
The Nightmare Before Christmas, of course. It's also my favourite winter movie. It's just perfect.

Now I'm even more excited about Halloween, the Christmas build up, the darkening evenings, and all things autumnal! I'd like to tag Lottie from Lottie-xo, Danielle from Student to Staff Nurse, Olivia from Dungarees and Donuts, and anyone else who'd like to do it! I can't wait to see your posts and hear about your autumny feelings.

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  1. I also love the candy corn yankee candle! :)

    1. It's just wonderful!Mine is running out so I'm trying to not use it again until nearer Halloween D: