Monday, 12 October 2015

Top 5 Spooky Movies (Ode to Tim Burton)

It's October, which basically means a month-long celebration of all things spooky, ghouly, and strange (it does to me, anyway!). Naturally, this means a month full of creepy movies, sugary snacks, and the purchasing of all things ghostly. Of course. As much as I personally love horror, it's not for everyone, so here are my top five spooky movies for Halloween.

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas // A classic, of course. Although there's much debate about whether it's a Christmas or a Halloween movie, I'd like as many excuses as possible to watch it for the entire festive season. I love the stop-motion, the aesthetic, the story, and most of all, the songs. Oogie Boogie is my favourite character by far. It's just an amazing film in every way.

2. The Addams Family // If anyone says they've never wanted to be like Morticia Addams just a little bit, I wouldn't believe them. The Addams Family is such a fun film, and the Addams are a fab family unit. They can be weirdly relatable too...

3. Beetlejuice // Weird and wacky, I can't get enough of this film. Michael Keaton as Betelgeuse is just so cool. If only I could pull off green hair and a stripey suit. There are so many bizarre and memorable scenes in this film, I couldn't not put it on this list.

4. Hocus Pocus // I recently rekindled my love of this film and really can't get I Put a Spell on You out of my head. I forgot how funny this film is. I really wish we celebrated Halloween with such enthusiasm in the UK (except without the life-sucking witches of course). 

5. Frankenweenie // I know this isn't Burton's best film, but it's just. so. cute. Can I have my own Sparky please?! I really adore that this film is in black and white despite being fairly new, the storyline and characterisation of all of the characters. Once again, the aesthetic is wonderful. We can't forget that Frank Iero contributed to the soundtrack too, which is an added bonus for me. 

6. Edward Scissorhands // Oops. I lied. Have a bonus number six. I couldn't leave this beautiful film out. I have so many feelings about Edward Scissorhands. It's a heartbreaking story. Even though it's not necessarily Halloweeny, I couldn't not give it a little mention.

So I'm fully aware that this list is just a weeny bit Burton-saturated but hey, he's the king of the dark and spooky tale. There are so many films that almost made this list but I had to narrow it down somehow! What are your favourite spooky films at this time of year? 

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