Thursday, 12 November 2015

Liverpool Blogger Events // The Goodybag

The goodybags we received at the end of the Liverpool Blogger Meet were so generous and cool! Of course, goodybags aren't the reason for going to events as nothing is quite as lovely as getting to meet so many fabulous bloggers, but it's still really fun getting home and looking through them! Who doesn't like being given nice things?

Lush, who came to talk to us about their ethos, the charity the event was in aid of, and some of their skincare products were kind enough to give us all some lovely bits. I really enjoyed using Ultrabland and 9 to 5 when I was given samples at a previous event so I'm looking forward to using them again! I'm super jazzed about this Comforter bubble bar* and I'll definitely be saving this for the end of one of the long weeks I've got ahead of me. I was also lucky enough to win a spa treatment at the Lush Spa* in their charity raffle, which I'll tell you all about, of course!

I've got to be honest, I was really excited about the barn/farm themed packaging that these lovely MooGoo products came in - who knew straw could be so fascinating? I keep reading it as MooGoo-Goo in my head, though, and I need to stop! They gave me a bottle of their Oil Cleansing Method for Oily Skin*, which I've already used once but will review when I've had chance to see how it works over time. It's all lovely natural ingredients which is great for sensitive skin like mine! They also gave me a lil' sample of their Irritable Skin Balm*, which I'm really looking forward to trying out - I'm probably going to use it on my hands which get painfully dry and sore over winter. The bottle says all of the ingredients are edible - but I'm not going to try it! You should definitely check out their website if you're a fan of cow-related puns, just sayin'. 

Popchips kindly gave us some sea-salt potato chips*, which are made with heat and pressure, rather than frying or baking and I've got to be honest - I've eaten them already and they taste amazing! The texture is a little strange though, but I can't put my finger on it. They're yummy as heck. 

Crabtree & Evelyn were lovely enough give a sample of their Citron Honey & Coriander Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy*, which I'm super happy about as I love using their La Source Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy - it works wonders on my poor lil' hands.

Taking Shape, who came along to talk to us about their stylist service gave each of us a little nail file in a case*, which I've popped right in my handbag for nail-related emergencies.

I also bought this little charity pot from Lush, which is what got me entered into that raffle that I'll shush about now. I actually bought two but gave one to my mum for in her handbag. I honestly can't have enough lotions and moisturisers over winter, seriously. 

Bee Good were lovely enough to give us this Honey & Propolis 2-in-1 Cream Cleanser and Muslin Cloth set*, which is a product I've already tried but wasn't sure about as I think other factors were effecting my skin at the time, so I'm excited to see how it works this time. 

The brand which was my absolute favourite who were there was Noctua. Brittany has had her shop since she was 15 and at 19 is already super successful! She held a lovely jewellery workshop where we all got to make bracelets* - I made mine with aventurine. I also then bought this gorgeous rose quartz necklace and pretty amethyst ring. When I got home I was surprised and really happy to find she'd put a little rose quartz arrowhead in with my purchases without me even noticing, which was really lovely! I will definitely be buying from her again soon - her products are gorgeous and she's just a really genuinely amazing person!

Derma V10 were super super generous as you can see! They put together a lovely 'blogger box'* for us all to try, with lots of bits in! I'm really jazzed to use these products as they're not tested on animals, use mainly recyclable packaging, and are affordable - a win win for all, really. So, they were lovely enough to give me a Q10 Innovations Revitalising Light Tinted Eye Roll On with Caffeine, which hides dark circles whilst working to help reduce them, something I definitely need! They also put a Q10 Innovations Moisturising Multi Radiance Cream in the box, which has an SPF15 - very important for people as pale as me! I was also given a jar of Q10 Innovations Rejuvenating Night Cream, which is fab as I always tend to be a bit lazy and just pop on the same light moisturiser I use in the day before bed. The Body Butter Cocoa they put in the box smells absolutely delightful and I'm really looking forward to using this as part of a pamper evening. The thing I am most jazzed about though, is this Make-Off Mitt - it promises to remove even mascara using just water and gentle movements. If this works, it'll be an actual miracle for me. Anyone who knows me knows I wear a lot of eye makeup daily, but I always have hassle trying to get it off without my eyes ending up sore, so this really is the perfect product for me!

We were also given a fab pile of discount codes, lookbooks, and vouchers from the likes of Cheerz, Beau XOXO, Hoobynoo World, MooGoo, and Dusty Girls - their makeup brand. I'm going to have a good look through these and inevitably end up spending some money (on Christmas gifts for other people, I swear!).

Hope you liked having a nose and what we were given in our goodybags - I had such a good time at the event and I'm already looking forward to the next one!

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  1. The crisps definitely reminded me of pom bears! Lovely post, i need to get mine up soon! I love getting goodie bags so much, of course not as much as getting to meet other bloggers but still, they're great!

    1. They were a little like pom bears! Ooh, can;t wait to read it :) Everyone likes a goody bag, but meeting other lovely folk is definitely the best!

  2. Looks like a wonderful little goody bag, the Comforter is possibly my favourite bubble bar... The smell is incredible!

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

    1. It really is! I can't wait to use it - it does smell lovely! <3