Monday, 9 November 2015

Liverpool Blogger Events

On Saturday I was lucky enough to go to the Liverpool Blogger Event. I can't believe I almost didn't buy a ticket, so thank you Codie for persuading me - I am so glad I came along!

Liverpool Blogger Events are organised by Jenny at Secret Beauty Box and you can really see the effort she puts in to making the event special for everyone. Even better, this event was in aid of The Choir With No Name - a choir for homeless people and those who have been pushed to the edges of society. They use singing as a way of building confidence, socialising, and having a good time, which is a brilliant idea and a wonderful cause.

This event was held in Fruit + Fibres Canteen & Craft Workshop - which is exactly what it says it is. They serve lovely, homely food and drinks and host really fun craft workshops. I think I'll be paying them a visit again soon! At this point I'm going to confess I totally forgot my camera so didn't get that many good photos - sorry! Take my word for it, they had so many quirky bits, like an adorable old fashioned train-station clock on the wall, art everywhere, and an antique sewing machine right next to where I was sat. So. cute. Add the cosy, relaxed atmosphere and you've got yourself a perfect little venue.

We had a talk from Andrea from MyShowcase about how being on the Myshowcase team works, and how their ethos is to empower and support women to run a business on their own terms, as well as how Myshowcase works to a customer. She then talked us through some of the wonderful products she'd brought along for us to have a look at and maybe buy. It was really interesting to hear the story behind how the products came to be and the process behind their designs.

Next, the fabulous Tiffany / Twiggy from Stella & Dot talked us through some lovely Stella & Dot products, explaining the design process behind some of them and how to host a trunk show with them. Lots of their products could be worn in different ways, including reversible earrings, which was a really cool idea. Everything was so sparkly and pretty! 

Sally from Taking Shape then chatted to us about the experience of shopping at Taking Shape - they have a range of options for personal styling experiences, from a quick walk-in to a full VIP styling party! All of their team are stylists and are focused on ensuring you leave feeling confident and happy with your purchases. She then showed us full outfits that had been styled on two lovely ladies to wear to the event and they both looked gorgeous! I'm especially envious of the jacket Danielle wore. I'm definitely going to be visiting their Southport shop soon!

Following that, Hannah from Motives Cosmetics showed us their lovely cosmetics products with the promise that MAC fans would be converted! Motives have a huge, fabulous range of products. I was really excited about the shades in the Mavens palette (which Jenny won!) but sadly after swatching my favourite shades, I had a bit of an allergic reaction on my arm. Don't let that put you off though - I'm allergic to almost everything and those eyeshadows were so bold and lovely!

Jonathan and Megan from Lush then told us all about Lush's hugely ethical morals, which the whole company is centred around. Keep it green on the soap scene! They then told us a little bit about their charity involvement, before telling us all about The Choir With No Name. Their little charity pots are a hand and body lotion which smells lovely. They were for sale for £1 and got you entered into their raffle to win a treatment at the Lush Spa. I only won didn't I?! I'm so unbelievably excited I can't even describe - the Lush spa is almost like a mythical place so I'm really looking forward to experiencing it!

I was so jazzed when I heard Noctua were coming along and doing a jewellery workshop! Just look how gorgeously their stall was presented - I'm in love! I made my very own aventurine bracelet for balance and calmness, and bought some little bits too (which you'll see in my next post). Brittany is so friendly and talented and it was so lovely of her to do a workshop with us all!

We were then treated to a lovely buffet lunch. The food was amazing. They had so many lovely veggie options, including a hummus made from kidney beans instead of chickpeas - delicious! All of the food was really new and innovative and divine. Trust me. Motives Cosmetics then treated us to adorable, glittery cupcakes which were very yummy - did I mention they were glittery?! During lunch I was lucky enough to get to have good long chats with Sally about Taking Shape, Andrea about blogging, and Brittany about all sorts from yoga to ghosts!

Megan then gave us a masterclass on the Lush facial treatment, and talked us through their skincare products. I'm very excited to try the samples we've been given as I really love Lush but don't often find myself trying new things with skincare. I've got even more of an excuse to go and buy a pile of Lush bits now, of course!

After this, the raffle prizes were read out, and lots of people won lovely prizes! I'm gonna just say again I  won a Lush Spa Treatment! I'm so grateful and reeeeally looking forward to it!

The day was just so lovely and everyone was so friendly and nice. I had such a good time! Thanks again to Jenny for doing such an amazing job of organising the event - can't wait until the next one!

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  1. Oooh I really wish I had gone now! Congrats on winning a Lush Spa treatment omg!! So jealous! Make sure you tell us all about that! :D

    Lottie | Lottie-xo

    1. It was really good - come along next time! ^_^ Thank you! I will :D xx