Thursday, 19 November 2015

The Sound Bath at Lush Spa Liverpool

In case anyone missed it (which I highly doubt as I've been telling anyone who'll listen), I was lucky enough to win a treatment at Lush Spa Liverpool* in a charity raffle at the Liverpool Blogger Event! A few days after the event, the lovely Megan called me and we arranged my appointment. She recommended either The Spell or The Sound Bath treatment for me, and I opted for The Sound Bath as it sounded totally unique and really peaceful (and it was!).  This post is going to be quite photo heavy and contain details about The Lush Spa, particularly The Sound Bath treatment so if you want to keep it all mysterious and a surprise then scroll no further!

When I arrived, I was offered a seat or to have a wander around the shop until my therapist came down to meet me, and ended up having a really nice chat with a girl who's name I can't remember but she had really cool hair and was lovely and friendly. I also got to say hi to Jonathan who I'd met at the Liverpool Blogger Event too, which was nice. I was then introduced to the wonderful Meg, who did my spa treatment, and taken upstairs to the spa.

Oh wow. The theme and decoration of the spa was beautiful. I want to live there! Everything was perfect, down to the tiny details, and the atmosphere was so relaxed and cosy. The decoration follows a 'quintessential British cottage' theme and it was so delightful. The main room is very similar to a huge kitchen and living room area and it was just amazing. There was something new to look at wherever you turned, from adorable teacups, to vintage books, to beautiful vases of flowers. I genuinely want to have a similar house one day - it was all just so gorgeous!

We then went in to the treatment room for our consultation. This usually happens in the main 'kitchen' area but as there was some building work going on outside, we had our consultation in the treatment room where it couldn't be heard to keep the whole experience relaxing, which was so thoughtful. Meg explained the inspiration behind the treatment and how it works, and showed me the tuning forks so I could feel and hear them, as well as showing me the ear candles and explaining how they work, making sure I knew they were totally safe! She then brought me this box, which I'm fairly sure is called The Box of Wonder (but my very dazed and relaxed post-spa brain can't fully recall and I may have 100% made that up), which was steaming and just looked amazing. Meg, knowing I was a blogger, very kindly said I might want to have my camera out ready and I'm so glad she did! Inside the box was a beautiful 'magic mushroom' of chocolate and a little vial of a sweet nectar labelled 'eat me' and 'drink me' - very Alice in Wonderland! These add to the feelings of happiness and relaxation and really tasted lovely. Meg then told me to get myself comfortable (as well as giving me some time to take photos), and ring a bell when I was ready for her to come back in and start the treatment. This was really nice as it meant there was no awkwardness or feeling of being rushed - they really make you feel like you're the only person in the world. 

The treatment itself was out of this world. For starters, the bed is so cosy and comfy and warm. The music played was so beautiful and I'm pretty sure I could easily listen to the soundtrack of The Sound Bath on repeat for the rest of my natural life - I have never felt so totally pampered and relaxed. The treatment is focused on sound (if the name wasn't a giveaway) and tuning forks are used to realign the chakras and rebalance you totally. As well as this, I was given an amazing face and head massage using oils, and hot and cold stones which felt blissful. I think I keep a lot of tension in my head, so this really was the perfect treatment for me. Throughout the treatment, you are given little reminders to listen within yourself, which is something very important for self care. A really lovely smelling something (my eyes were closed) was wafted over me and the waves of air combined with the soundtrack made me feel a little like I was near the sea. The ear candles marked the mid-point in the treatment, and the sound of them burning was really peaceful and not at all scary like you'd imagine having something burning so close would be! The massage was just wonderful - the hot stones were really deeply relaxing and the cold stones rejuvenating and I came out of the treatment feeling so refreshed yet blissfully relaxed. I really loved the focus on sound as music is a big part of me, and very quickly I became so relaxed I didn't really know if Meg was making the sounds or if it was part of the soundtrack. The treatment was just perfect and I'd totally recommend this to anyone looking for an utterly blissful yet non-traditional spa treatment. 

After the treatment, I was told to take my time getting up and coming back out into the main area. I definitely did have to lie there for a few minutes to bring myself back into the real world. I was so chilled and zoned out that I didn't actually have the coordination to put my necklaces back on when I got up! I then went out into the main area where Meg made this amazing lemonade in front of me and explained why each ingredient goes in and it was fascinating to watch, and again, tasted wonderful! Her and Megan then gave me a really lovely goodybag packed full of lovely bits, which was so so generous. I'll do another blog post on that soon, of course! They also gave me an extra gift of The Night Before Christmas set as the music had stopped for about a millisecond, which was really kind and lovely. They both then left me to drink my lemonade and take pictures to my little blogger heart's content. When I was ready to go, I was escorted back downstairs and had another little chat with Megan before hopping off into Liverpool!

The whole experience was just perfect, down to every tiny detail. Even the loos were gorgeous! I felt so chilled out afterwards and had a really truly special time. I'm a really self conscious person so I was a little nervous before, but by the time I came out I didn't even care that my hair was ruffled and all but my eye makeup rubbed off - which is a miracle for me! It was a wonderful confidence boosting and amazing experience and I'm going to be saving my student pennies to go again ASAP. My dear friend Codie was invited to go the day before so you can read all about her experience of The Spell treatment here, if you fancy.

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