Lush Spa Liverpool kindly gifted me a spa treatment. As a newbie to the Lush Spa, I opted for The Sound Bath as it sounded unique and peaceful. As a typical Taurus, I prefer a full sensory experience, so a massage with a focus on auricular relaxation was enticing.

[This post is going contain details about The Lush Spa, particularly The Sound Bath treatment so if you want to keep the mystery then this isn't the post for you!]

The spa waiting area could only be described as magical. It was so wonderfully cosy and made the experience immersive from arrival. The traditional festive decor added to the enchantment, with the gentle twinkling of fairy lights and the scent of fresh pine warming the air. 

I could quite happily live in a hidden nook of the spa. Following a 'quintessential British cottage' theme, the rooms were filled with vintage treasures. Simplicity, comfort, and a hint of magic were conjured in the soft furnishings, woodwork, trinkets and teacups. The bustle of the city was miles away.

Meg, the massage therapist, explained the inspiration behind the treatment and how it works, and demonstrated the tuning forks and ear candles, ensuring no surprises would break the spell of tranquillity. She then presented me with a steaming box, aptly named The Box of Wonder to begin the treatment. Inside the box was a beautiful 'magic mushroom' of cacao and a dainty vial of a sweet nectar. These bring forth happiness and relaxation, releasing endorphins and tasting delightful. I was then left to get comfortable and ring a bell when I was ready. In the soft lighting and mystical aroma, I felt like the only person in the world.

The bed was warm and beyond comfortable, and the music playing was otherworldly. I could easily listen to the soundtrack of The Sound Bath on repeat for the rest of my natural life. Tuning forks were used to realign my chakras and rebalance me. I was given an amazing face and head massage using oils with hot and cold stones which released any tension across my forehead. Throughout the treatment, soft voices reminded me to listen within myself. Beautiful scents wafted over me and the breeze and gentle music took my mind to the seaside. Ear candles marked the mid-point in the treatment, and the sound of them burning was surprisingly calming. I had quickly become so deeply relaxed that I didn't know if the massage therapist was making the sounds or if it was part of the soundtrack. It left me feeling refreshed, relaxed, and empowered. I'd absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for an utterly blissful yet non-traditional spa treatment. 

Following the treatment, I lay there for a few minutes, bringing myself back into the real world. Upon entering the kitchen area, Meg concocted a fantastical lemonade and explained why each ingredient is added. I was then left to allow the lemon zest to slowly pull me back to reality, until I felt ready to re-enter the bustle of the city below.

This blog post contains samples, experiences, and/or products gifted by brands. This has no effect on my opinion. For more information, including what happens to non-vegan/cruelty-free products gifted, see my disclaimer. 


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