Friday, 15 January 2016

My Carrion Crow Skull - Taxidermy and Oddities

Hi Spookies! For the longest time, I've been really interested in oddities and taxidermy collections and have found myself watching countless videos on youtube of other people's collections. I know lots of people think it's creepy or gross, and honestly, certain types of taxidermy and oddities I still find a tiny bit icky, but for the most part I find it fascinating and beautiful.

You may have noticed in my 75 Things in 2016 post that one of my goals was to own a piece of taxidermy or similar, and I'd actually achieved that before I published that post! I'd thought I'd end up owning a small bone necklace or something super budget and small from Etsy, as being a poor lil' student, I obviously have other financial priorities. So imagine my joy when I came across this Carrion Crow Skull with a starting bid of 99p on eBay!

My first priority was to message the seller and double check that he was definitely a cruelty-free specimen, which they assured me it was and that her specimens pass on of natural causes. We then chatted for a while, and they explained that their work usually sells for around £100 at taxidermy fairs, and they were trying eBay auctions as an experiment. At this point, I didn't think I'd be buying it as I felt guilty that the bidding wouldn't go that high, and said so to the seller. They gave me their blessing to bid anyway, and I ended up winning this beautiful carrion crow skull for £1.71 plus P&P! I was amazed and so excited to have won!

Even better, the seller dispatched it that day and it arrived the following day so I didn't have long to wait. No matter how weird it seems to get so jazzed over a skull, I was over the moon when I was opening it and really can't stop looking at it.

Honestly, the skull isn't in perfect condition, and has a few chips and tiny bones missing, I think. I'm by no means an expert, but there's super teeny bones on one side and not the other so I'm assuming some are missing. It's still totally and utterly beautiful to look at. It's like having a magnificent museum piece in my own flat. I'm not really sure where I'm going to put him as the frame is a lot deeper than I expected, and living in student accommodation, I can't put nails on the wall. I'm sure I'll find the perfect spot to prop him up in eventually.

I've decided to name him Prieten, which means 'friend' in Romanian, which is where Transylvania is, where Dracula is from. I didn't want to be super cliche and name him something Edgar Allan Poe related, as tempting as it was, so that name seemed like a fab idea. It's based on Dracula's supposed location, and a story Freddie told me about a friendly ghost crow. It makes sense to me, okay? Let's roll with it.

I'm totally in love with my little carrion crow Prieten, and literally can't stop looking at him. I can't wait to hopefully grow my collection, but finances and space probably won't allow much of that. I do have to bear in mind that being a student and planning to pursue postgraduate studies, I'll not be living somewhere permanently for a while and so can't transport a huge collection around with me just yet. Hey-ho. I can dream of my lovely collection when I have my own house or flat.

Oh, and here's a link to the eBay seller in case they post any more. I'm not sure they will, as they said it was just an experiment and clearly, they'd not sold for as much as hoped, which I do feel a bit guilty about. They did say it was okay to bid, though!


  1. GIMME!!!
    Ahh man I'd love something like this!! Like yourself I'm always worried about the ethical issues but that's brilliant they were so sweet and chatted about it with you!
    I'll be keeping an eye on this seller for sure!
    Gillian  xx

    1. They really were - definitely do! Although let me know if you're bidding on something so we don't end up in a bidding war haha! xxx

  2. I love skulls :) they are fastinating and there's something so pretty about them. Is it weird that I think this little crow is cute? haha I'm looking forward to seeing your collection grow x

  3. That is such a beautiful and delicate little piece of taxidermy for such a small price. You're so lucky to have got this for £1.70something with the P&P! That's incredible. I hope that you're able to find more little bargains like this and grow your collection. It's beautiful!
    Becky; xxx