Fentimans were generous enough to send me some bottles of their new Sparkling Lime and Jasmine Botanical Drink in preparation for it's launch in March. I adore the layered and delicate flavours of their botanical concoctions, so was excited to indulge in these.

Arriving in a mysterious looking box, which opened to reveal vintage countryside inspired packaging, Fentimans stayed true to their Edwardian branding. In a world of plastic bottles and garish logos, their playful old-fashioned glass bottles and quirky labels are as refreshing as their beverages.

At first taste, the lime takes centre stage, then stepping aside to deliver a delicate sweet aftertaste. Sparkling Lime and Jasmine is somewhat dry, similar to a non-alcoholic white wine. The sparkles are gentle and non-acidic, keeping the drink light and fresh. It's sophisticated and sings summer notes, making it perfect for picnics in fields of flowers and dates on dusky evenings.

I'm a long-time fan of Fentimans Rose Lemonade, and Lime and Jasmine brings the unique, curated flavour that I adore. Made of 100% natural ingredients and only ever kept in glass bottles, Fentimans is decadent whilst caring for their drinkers and the planet.

I couldn't not add that the dog on the bottle belonged to the original founder of Fentimans, and his name is Fearless. Little details and special touches are what makes a brand special. 

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  1. As someone who doesn't drink, this is perfect for me - it's nice to have a fancy drink whilst your friends drink alcohol like you say x


    1. Yeah definitely! I do worry when I'm say there with lemonade or a J20 that people will see me as a bit childish so these are such a good idea! xxx