Saturday, 2 April 2016

A Wonderful New Feminist Zine!

Hey Spookies! The lovely Melly-Em was kind enough to send me a copy of Women Can Be*, a brilliant new feminist zine that she's the editor of. It's a beautiful and powerful collection by five artists, and a really good read.

The zine focuses on the titular concept of what women can be in a world of specific societal expectations, and each two-page spread features a beautiful piece of art, some information about the artist, and some explanation of the concept. Some of the ideas explored include women being bisexual, women being tough, and women being trailblazers.

I'm no art expert so there's only so many different ways I can say that each individual piece is beautiful to look at and gorgeously unique, including the two prints which come with the zine. I can't wait to be living somewhere that I can put things on the walls - the beautiful colour prints will be the first things to go up!

The zine is just wonderfully pretty, and it's so interesting to read about other people's experience of gendered expectations - especially when many of them are incredibly easy to relate to. One of the pieces features some information about a woman the artist admires and I really enjoyed reading that too.

If inspirational women, amazing art, and feminism are your thing, then you should definitely think about buying this. I cherish my copy and flick through it a lot. I won't tell you any more about it and I've intentionally not put many photos in as I don't want to spoil the surprise if you order one! The zine is £10 and comes with two full colour prints. You can buy it with a blue cover here, a purple cover here, or a yellow cover here.

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