Saturday, 8 October 2016

#LPP Event

Hello Spookies! Today I thought I'd blog about an event I went to what seems like forever ago. It was in July, so it basically was forever ago. The wonderful Liverpool Period Pride event was hosted by Alisha and Samantha and it was wonderful. LPP was in aid of The Whitechapel Centre, a very important cause. Many homeless people have no access to hygiene products during their period, which can lead to really serious health problems. We all donated plenty of menstrual hygiene products and raised money through a raffle and a second-hand stall and I'm super proud of everyone for how much we raised!

Dough Bar was the wonderful venue, and they were kind enough to make vegan pizza for me, which isn't usually on their menu. So before I even arrived, they already had brownie points for being so fab about catering. Then upon arrival, their retro theme, from the decor to their amazing collection of arcade, board, and video games had me in love with the place instantly. Not to mention their amazing cocktails and mocktails, which were heavenly. We had to wear something pink for the event which gave me an excuse to fish out my panda dress, naturally.

jacket: Charity shop // dress: PULP // bag: Matt and Nat // shoes: New Look

Alisha and Sam had arranged for us to play some amazing games, including pass the parcel, a quiz, and 'what's in your handbag?' and golly, do I carry some junk around with me. We also had an amazing raffle where everyone won more than one prize, which was so lovely. I won some Disney prints* for my new flat, and some vampire-themed books* which I'm so excited to read when I finally get around to it!

We had some talks from some fabulous brands, including The Body Shop who not only talked to us about the products, but held a competition and some games, including a drawing game, and a bin bag dress competition which I won with an off-the shoulder number. That bin bag could have been in vogue, obviously. Michelle from The Body Shop was also kind enough to leave us some free samples of products* to try out. 

We also had talks from Teardrop, who make beautiful little wish bracelets. A wish bracelet is a delicate string bracelet with a charm on. When you put it on, you make a wish and then keep in on at all times until it breaks. When it breaks, your wish will come true. This is such a sweet idea and would make such a cute gift. They'd also designed a special bracelet for the event, with all proceeds going to The Whitechapel Centre, which was so lovely of them. 

In addition to this, we had a talk from Merumaya, a beauty company with the motto 'beauty has no age' which is something I totally agree with. Merumaya absolutely promotes confidence and abandonment of societal beauty standards, which is something of huge importance to me. However, after a bit of googling, I don't believe the company has any vegan products, and they don't seem sure if they do either. You can read more about that on The Vegan Taff. I'm super grateful for the talk they gave, so it's a shame their products may use animals.

At the end of the event, we were all given amazing goodybags which were absolutely packed with amazing gifts which I am so so grateful for. If I listed absolutely everything, we'd be here for an eternity, but I'll definitely be reviewing some on here shortly or gushing about them in a favourites post, or something to that effect! 

The event was so much fun, and it was so lovely to catch up with blog friends, make new friends, and to just be a bit silly. I'm so grateful and thankful to Alisha and Sam for arranging such a brilliant event for everyone. 

This blog post contains samples and products gifted by brands. This has no effect on my opinion. For more information, including what happens to non-vegan/cruelty-free products gifted, see my disclaimer. 


  1. Thank you so much for doing this blog post babe, your kind words made me smile so much. It was a wonderful read and I was so happy that you could come along to the event as you know I adore you! 💋💕

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x ||

    1. Thank you so very much for organising it and for inviting me! I'm so glad this made you smile!

      Love you xxx