Sunday, 19 February 2017

Concrete Minerals Lip Tints

Hey Spookies! Whaddup? I've been gone again for a while but I've had a hard year and maybe it's just time to accept I'm inconsistent as heck. I've got some fabby vegan and cruelty free lip tints to tell you all about though so hopefully I'm forgiven for my abscence. 

I was super jazzed to find that Dollskill had free shipping and initially set out to see if they sold the pressed powder I use. They didn't, but I was in too deep. Their beauty section was irresistable and full of cruelty free, vegan, and unique brands and products. I simply couldn't stop myself, especially when I found some of them had price reductions too. Heck yeah! I picked out three shades of Concrete Minerals lip tints, and a Lunatick Cosmetic Labs liquid lipstick, but we'll chat about that another time. 

The shades I picked were Ice Queen, Maniac, and Karma. I was really excited about Ice Queen because I'm pretty sure I've seen Brian Molko with an icy blue lip and I wanted in on that. I was also quite keen on trying a brown lip too, but didnt want to splash out on something as bold as a liquid lip only to realise it wasn't for me, so these lip tints seemed perfect for me. And who doesn't need a good berry shade? 

(l-r: Maniac, Ice Queen, Karma)

Ice Queen is a beautiful, cool, pale blue with a touch of shimmer to it. It makes me feel very groovy and wintery and like the pale queen I was born to be! It shows up much better on lips than my ghostly pale arm, for the record. Karma is a gorgeous cool brown shade which I think works well if you're as pale as me. I was worried a brown lip would be way too warm for my paper-white, blue-eyed self but this has got me totally sold on the merit of the brown lip. As for Maniac, it's a great berry shade for winter and has a little subtle shimmer to it too.

Something which I really adore about these lip tints is that they're super soft and buttery to apply. I know matte shades are all in but these are subtly shimmery and are so comfortable and moisturising to wear in the cold weather. I haven't toald you the best bit yet though. They taste of peppermint. Yep. They taste, smell, and feel tingly and pepperminty on your lips. I was delighted to discover this. Little touches like that really make a product special. 

I do have a few wee critisisms of them, however. The shape of the packaging and product is really bizarre so it can apply a little messily, especially with the buttery texture. It's not too bad though as it's really easy to neaten any messy bits with a cotton bud, unlike a liquid lipstick or a bolder product. The other thing that bothered me a bit was that after two uses, Ice Queen no longer twists back in to the packaging, so has to be pushed back down with a finger after use. I'm pretty fussy about hygeine so it's not my favourite thing to do. The other two seem fine though so I'm hoping it was just a slightly defective product rather than a problem with all of them. 

I would 100% reccommend checking these lip tints out as they feel so nice and come in a wonderful range of shades. I'm definitely going to add to my collection ASAP. 


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