Monday, 19 June 2017

Geekerella Review

Hey Spookies! Recently I was lucky enough to win a giveaway by the wonderful Holly, in partnership with Quirk Books and Publisher's Group UK. I was thrilled when a copy of Geekerella by Ashley Poston and a gorgeous pumpkin soya wax candle arrived at my door. So, welcome to my first book review! I'll avoid major plot spoilers but as the story is based on Cinderella, I'd be surprised if you didn't know the story already!

Geekerella is a modern take on Cinderella, but with a twist. It's set in the world of a budding cosplayer and blogger who desperately wants to continue her parents' legacy as fans of Starfield and founders of a now-massive convention. Simultaneously, we follow the story of a freshly famous actor, playing the role of his hero yet dismissed as shallow, until, nautrally, their stories collide.  

I adored the chapters switching between Damien and Elle, and their two distinct voices. That said, my absolute favourite character throughout was Sage, Elle's best friend and 'fairy godmother'. Her magical style and blunt yet supportive and rebellious personality made me fall in love with her character majorly. If it weren't for her, Elle wouldn't have experienced half of the adventures of the book. 

The whole story is an amazing homage to 'nerd culture' and hits the nail on the head totally in this respect. The portrayal of angry fan blog posts, the frustration of 'fake fans' there 'just to fawn over the new hot actor', the clashing opinions of passionate fans, and of course, the sense of community found in fandom are all so brilliantly done. On top of that, the special touches and references to the traditional Cinderella are amazing - my personal favourite being 'The Magic Pumpkin' as a vegan food truck instead of a glistening carriage. 

The lovely unlikely romance of the traditional fairytale we love, combined with the perfect twist and detail of modern geek fandom makes this a story I adored from start to finish. Poston pays excellent attention to detail, builds amazing, layered characters of the simple fairytale archetypes, and this is absolutely a book I'll be reading again.   


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