Saturday, 1 July 2017

A Month in Horror Films | June '17

Hey Spookies! If you've been following my blog or my twitter account you'd know I've been especially unwell this month. This has led to a lot of time trying to rest whilst fending off boredom, so I've taken the opportunity to get cosy and watch a few horror films I'd wanted to see for a while.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose 
I'd watched this as a teenager, and honestly found it a bit boring. I decided I wanted to watch it again after recently hearing more about Anneliese Michel, the person and story  the film is based on. Anneliese Michel's story is incredibly upsetting and, using the character of Emily Rose, the film loosely follows events before and after her life ended. The film, naturally, presents the events as if she was truly possesed. The thing I find most interesting about this film is that it follows the court case with flashbacks to Emily's life and affliction within it. I really enjoyed the 'reconstruction' style of the film. This film is a classic, a good watch despite it not being particularly scary, and something I'd recommend to any horror fan. 

Sinister 2
I'm going to preface this by saying I absolutely loved the first Sinister film. I was delighted to find a sequel on Netflix, but sad to realise it had done poorly in cinemas and I had no idea it had existed until this chance discovery. Sinister 2 is a great wrap-up to the first film, but much less terrifying. I enjoyed it more as closure to the story than as a good horror film. It was a little slow and very predictable in places, with heavy reliance on showing the children's video footage for 'shock factor'. The film contrasted fear of domestic violence with fear of spirits, making parts of the film truly chilling. I probably wouldn't heavily recommend this film as it wasn't great, but seeing the story get 'wrapped up' and finished was interesting.  

The Craft
Part teen-movie, part horror, I adored this film. The soundtrack and fashion were amazing, and I was living for the witchy storyline. This film is slowly scary, as you begin to realise how easily power can be used negatively, but turns vastly more explicitly darker towards the end. My only gripe with the film was that the 'goth one' had to be the mean ringleader of everything bad that happens, as I find it a frustrating stereotype. Overall, the film was really good, and like many good horror films, tackles not just supernatural horrors, but those that can be found in daily life. 

I don't want to finish this without mentioning that, with horror films especially, it's important to have a look online for any trigger warnings that may arise if you need to. 

What films have you been loving this month? I'd love to hear about it!  



  1. I literally adore these three movies. I really am so excited for The Nun to be made, I highly recommend The Conjouring movies if you haven't seen them already babe? 🌸💗✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x |

    1. I have indeed seen them! I'm so excited for The Nun and The Crooked Man to be made, honestly can't wait!