Sunday, 9 July 2017

Summer #CarnLIVal 2017

Hey Spookies! This weekend I was lucky enough to go to the wonderful summer #CarnLIVal, organised by the bloody brilliant Katy and Sam. Every event Sam and Katy organise is simply amazing, and this was, of course, no exception! 

In the city centre, down a flight of stairs, you find the lovely Yard and Coop. Their speciality is chicken, so there's not a lot aside from fries on their menu for vegans, but their bar is amazing.  I can't drink at the moment, but was very much drooling over the cocktails that everyone else ordered. They looked so refreshing and interesting! They were kind enough to provide us with food*, so I munched my way through a whole lot of fries and sweet potato fries. Not sorry. The music playing was also absolutely excellent, although I'm not sure if that was them or Sam and Katy. Either way, it was rad! 

Our event was situated in a cosy nook of the restaurant, which was decorated beautifully, with balloons, bowls of sweets, party bags of snacks, and a glorious old-fashioned bath filled with balloons and bottles of bubble bath. Katy and Sam always add magical touches of mystery, and we were each given a pin on the way in. We were then instructed to pop our balloons to find our raffle tickets inside, which was so much fun!

well, you can tell I watched a horror film trailer whilst getting ready...

Of course, we played traditional #CarnLIVal games, such as the 'naughty or nice' lucky dip, in which I won some weirdly jazzy condoms* and a stress ball declaring my love for sex toys*. Standard. We also played pass the parcel, and a new game of 'pin the camera on the blogger', which was hilarious and so much fun. With my delightful coordination, I did the second worst only to Kazz. We both managed to miss the picture entirely and applied our stickers to the wall, which I'm counting as an achievement! 

My amazing raffle prize and goodybag gift from Wax and Wick Workshop

The raffle prizes were absolutely wonderful, including vegan chocolates, a karaoke set, candles, a meal voucher, and more. I was lucky enough to win a Wax and Wick Workshop soya wax candle*. I can't even begin to explain how good it smells. It's literally the best candle I have ever smelled and I can't stop picking it up and smelling it. It's definitely getting a whole blog post to itself. I am in love with this candle right now. 

We were each given amazing goodybags, and allowed to help ourselves to some food samples. There were lots of spare Seamore Seaweed Pastas* left, so I was very kindly given seven bags of it in a crate to take home along with crisps from Seabrook* and Hippeas*! Poor Freddie had to come and collect it for me, and we're very excited to try some recipes with it together! Some of the best bits from the goodybag are Noughty Intensive Care Leave In Conditioner*, 20% off at Gusto*, We Are Tea samples*, and MysteryVibe Crescendo (teehee!)*. I'm very much looking forward to using and reviewing the wonderful things I've been lucky enough to recieve. 

After much chatting and eating and laughs with the most wonderful crowd of people, which is by far the best bit of #CarnLIVal, Katy and Sam took us on a short stroll through the city centre to do a secret activity. I'm going to leave you on a cliffhanger now and do a whole blog post dedicated to the fun we had at the secret place. It invloved teamwork and puzzles, so see if you can guess before my next post! 

L-R, Abby, Alana, Kazz, Lauren, and myself! 

I can not thank Sam and Katy enough for organising these events. The work and effort they put in is always phenomenal, and the events are always absolutely perfect. They're actual heroes and I love them!   

This blog post contains samples and products gifted by brands. This has no effect on my opinion. For more information, including what happens to non-vegan/cruelty-free products gifted, see my disclaimer. 

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