Monday, 17 July 2017

Tell Me More Tag

Hey Spookies! The amazing Lyd from What Lyd Did has made a fabby new tag which I couldn't resist trying. I've loved everyone's answers so far and getting a good nosey into other people's thoughts on blogging so naturally, here I am, doing it myself. 

What's the story behind your blog name? //
Well, the simple answer is that I love all things spooky, halloweeny, and macabre. The longer answer is that I was severely bullied in school, and one of the things they picked on was how pale I was. Being yelled at and called 'ghosty' every day made me hate my pale skin so much. But as I've gotten older, I've learned to absolutely love looking like a ghost. The paler, the gothier, the better! So making my online name 'spookykiah' was a way of reclaiming that. I look spooky, I love spooky, and anyone who has issue with that can get in the bin to be honest. 

What's your real reason for blogging? //
I loved reading other people's blogs and wanted to try it out myself, and thought that I have a lot to talk about. I also really wanted a place online to talk about all of the positives in life, but through my blogging journey have decided to mix the good and the bad and to be more real. 

Best thing about blogging? //
Not to sound like a soppy cliché but absolutely the friends I have made through blogging, and getting to see them all at events and chatting online. I never expected to find such an amazing, welcoming community and become part of it. I'm so glad I did. 

Worst thing about blogging? //
As someone with an awful habit of comparing myself to others, I can definitely say blogging hasn't helped that. It's so easy to get into a slippery slope of comparing opportunities and numbers of followers and likes and end up feeling less confident, but having such amazing blogging friends that are so supportive is a massive help.

Proudest moment so far? //
Brands actually wanting to work with me. The world is their oyster and of all the amazing blogs out there, to be chosen and contacted is such a great feeling. When a brand actually loves your blog and sees the effort you put in enough to want to work with you, it really does make you feel proud of yourself. 

What are your ultimate blogging goals? Don't be shy! //
I just want to carry on growing in confidence and bravery to talk about issues I've experienced in a way that could help other people.
And reach 1,000 instagram followers (hehe).  

If you released a book, what genre would it be? //
It would be some kind of self-help, fun teen guide for teenagers who don't fit in. Being an 'alternative' teen with a unique personality and dealing with bullying was really hard and I was full of that 'no-one understands me' angst. If I could support teens in a similar situation and encourage them to be unapologetically themselves, it would be amazing.

If you released products, what would they be? Homeware, beauty, or something unexpected? //
Affordable gothic fashion and homewares, for sure! I'd want to make it more mature and classy than gaudy Halloween decorations (as much as I love them!); gothic products for all year round. 

What would you name the products and why? //
Probably SpookyHome and SpookyAttire because I'm just into the word spooky and yanno, gotta keep on brand, eh? 

What has blogging taught you? //
It has taught me that I'm much more capable than I give myself credit for.

Sum up your blog in three words! //
1. Cluttered - It's just little bits of whatever I feel like talking about. Much like my life is just cluttered with random things I enjoy and my mind is cluttered with random thoughts, my blog has naturally followed. 
2. A journey - My blog is always growing, and I'm always trying to improve on it. I've had lots of stops and starts along the way for various reasons but I think I've come a long way and have a long way to go and lots to learn to make my blog the best it can be.
3. Positive - I like to think my blog is a positive place. Even when I'm talking about the negative, it's with a positive message and aims. I like to think my blog is an uplifting place full of positive vibes! 


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  1. I loved reading your answers to this tag! Tag posts are one of my favourite kinds of posts because I really enjoy learning more about the person behind the blog. I love that you are reclaiming the word spooky! I was bullied at school too, and so reading that you named your blog to reclaim the word made me happy! You are a wonderful person, your pale skin is gorgeous and they can definitely all 'get in the bin'! Ooo you totally have to make some gothic homeware some day; I'll be your first customer! :) I also struggle with comparing my blog to others, it can be really tough not to, but I'm slowly getting more proud of my own blog! x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey