Part of #CarnLIVal was an amazing raffle, and I'm sure I won the candle of dreams. I think I may have fallen in love with a candle. It's perfect in every way. So thank you, Wax and Wick Workshop* for gracing this planet with the most wonderful candle to ever exist.

Wax and Wick workshop make candles using only soy wax and oils for fragrance, and hand-pour them into repurposed wine bottles from local pubs, making them totally vegan and as eco-friendly as candles can be. I adore that they're dedicated to sustainability, recycling, and minimal waste. They're my kind of brand!

The candle I won is perfection in a candle. Housed in a cut-off green wine bottle, this 'Grapefruit + Sage' candle smells nothing short of divine. Unexpectedly, the scent of grapefruit and sage combined brings nostalgia for childhood sweets and reminds me of sherbets and parma violets. Unlit, the candle smells delightfully strong and honestly, the smell is a little addictive. Whenever I walk past, I pick it up just to have a smell. Lit, the candle sends gentle wafts of sweet fragrance that quickly fills the room. When you blow it out, the sage scent becomes more pronounced in the smoke, which is delightful and gives excellent witchy vibes.

I was also lucky enough to be given a small candle holder made from a cut-off bottle in the goodybag, which I was thrilled with as someone with a ridiculously large collection of tealights and votives. I adore the 'ESTd 1938' on it and the rest of the little embossed details. This candle holder and the candle both add the antique, countryside touches I love to decorate my home with.

All in all, I adore everything about Wax and Wick Workshop, and think their products and ethos are wonderful. I'm so lucky to have been able to try out their amazing products and can't thank them enough for providing #CarnLIVal raffle prizes and gifts. 

This blog post contains samples and/or products gifted by brands. This has no effect on my opinion. For more information, including what happens to non-vegan/cruelty-free products gifted, see my disclaimer. 

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