Thursday, 3 August 2017

LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs Lip Slicks

Hey Spookies! Today I’m going to chat to you about this fabulous lip product from LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs. I’ve had it for ages but hadn’t used it much until this weekend when I wore it to Liverpool Pride, and I felt absolutely gorgeous wearing it!

LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs are completely vegan and cruelty free, and sell makeup in a brilliant range of colours, ideal for those who like to stray from nudes and neutrals. So many brands think vegans only want to wear earthy tones, but thankfully not LunatiCK! I’ve been in love with this brand for a while, and I bought their lip slick in the shade Creature a really long time ago, but only fell in love with it this weekend.

I bought it originally from a third party website (although I can’t remember which), that was advertising it as a liquid lipstick, so the first time I wore it, way back in December, I was pretty disappointed. It didn’t dry on my lips, and the wind whipping my hair just resulted in my face and teeth being coated in green stripes and smudges. Classy. Naturally, I was quite put off, and I didn’t reach for it again until this weekend, when I decided that I’d give it another try.

This time, after applying it, I lightly dabbed it with a piece of tissue which set it right away, and it looked brilliant for hours. Yes! It’s a little tricky to apply as it does spread and smudge quite easily, but once it’s on and set, it’s perfect. I incorporated it into a witchy green look with bold eyeliner and matching green eyeshadow, and it looked beautiful, if I say so myself.

My lips looked bold and colourful, and didn’t fade for hours, even after drinking and kissing my pals on the cheek and copiously sweating in a couple of clubs. That’s the mark of a good lip product. That said, it does transfer colour on to everything your lips touch, no matter how dry you think it is, and yet it never fades. It has great staying power without being drying, and I’m obsessed with how bright the colour is.

I’m so glad I gave this lip slick a second chance, as it’s definitely something I’m going to be wearing more regularly now. I’m really quite sad it’s spent so long abandoned in my makeup bag, but it’s finally getting the love it deserves! It brings my glamourous witchy fantasy to life and makes a change from the purple lip colours I almost constantly reach for.

I’m utterly desperate to try some of the LunatiCK Cosmetics Labs eyeshadow palettes, as they’re a brilliant brand. I’m always excited to see vegan, cruelty-free brands that make bold and unusual products!

Do you have any favourite smaller, more unusual brands? I’d love to hear about them, especially if they’re vegan-friendly!


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