Thursday, 17 August 2017


Hey Spookies! Recently I was lucky enough to go to a 1-on-1 silversmithing workshop with Shop Noctua, which you can read all about here. I actually threw this outfit on with comfort and safety in mind (old clothes and covered feet were advised), but as Freddie had come to take photos of the workshop, we had the opportunity to take some outfit snaps on the way home. 

Top - Vintage/eBay
Jeans - Marks and Spencer
Bag - Matt and Nat
Shoes - ShoeZone 

I am in no way a fashion blogger, and frankly have zero idea how to pose for outfit photos without looking ridiculous, so behold my way too serious yet moon-like face. We took these photos on our stroll back from Baltic Social, where Shop Noctua is based, through chinatown, and down bold street. I had a great time, and Freddie, being a wonderful boyfriend, really knows how to boost my ego, even when I look a bit silly in photos.

My top was a snazzy eBay find, and I love the style of it, with the font and the corseted split at the side. It's a really soft, comfortable material too, and very cosy and comfortable to wear. Unfortunately, the reason I'd chosen to wear it as 'old clothes' is that it arrived with some irritating white marks on the shoulder, which weren't mentioned by the seller, and a hole in the back way bigger than their image led me to believe. I'm really hoping I can find a way to salvage this top and give it a new lease of life because it really is pretty and comfy and all good things.

My jeans are Marks and Spencer jeggings, in a short leg for that exposed ankle look. M&S do the most comfortable, long lasting jeggings, and I thoroughly love wearing them. They fit wonderfully, which is something I often struggle with as I have big thighs and a smaller waist. The colour doesn't fade either, which is wonderful, as we all know how irritating black-but-not-really clothes can be! They're definitely a wardrobe staple for a jeans & t-shirt gal like myself.

My handbag is by Matt and Nat, a completely vegan company that makes the most gorgeous faux leather shoes and bags. I was lucky enough to find this one in TKMaxx for far cheaper than purchasing directly, and it's quickly become a key part of my wardrobe. Whilst I adore quirky, statement bags, sometimes just a simple black handbag is all you need. 

These shoes were bought originally for work. I worked at ShoeZone for 3 short weeks, then the business our shop was housed in went into adminstration and it was all over rather quickly. For work there, I needed a pair of totally black, yet comfortable shoes, so got on that short-lived staff discount and bought these. They're basic, cheap, and comfortable. What more do you need? 

Whilst this outfit was picked purely with comfort and being sensible in mind, I felt really confident and happy in it. Sometimes the most simple things definitely work best! Do you have any go-to comfortable-yet-confident outfits? Let me know!



  1. To say you aren't a fashion blogger you did fab! You look lovely! X

    Kim -

    1. Ahh thank you! xxx

      Kiah |