Monday, 28 August 2017

TKMaxx Early Halloween Collection & Haul

Hey Spookies! As a self confessed Halloween-queen, it seemed only right to show you all a look at the early release Halloween products available at TKMaxx in Liverpool, and a peep at what Freddie and I bought. I wasn't sure that there would be anything in stock yet, but I saw some Instagram stories by The Spooky Vegan about TJMaxx in America having Halloween stock in, so hoped there'd be a little bit there and I was not dissapointed! 

I don't think the full range is out yet as it was tucked away mid-aisle, and there wasn't loads there. Usually it's at the end of an aisle with far more available, so I'm hoping and farily sure that more will arrive nearer to Halloween. The general theme of the current releases seems to be skulls and skeletons, as that was pretty much the whole range with the exception of a few bits and pieces, such as a plush witch and a glass pumpkin. 

There was a lot of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) themed items, which I wasn't super keen on. It's not the same as Halloween, but is a Mexican cultural and spiritual holiday that I don't think people should use for an excuse to party with no knowledge of the significance. That's a whole other chat about culutral appropriation which is for another time. My point is, I don't like that it's been combined with Halloween merchandise in a commercial display. 

Aside from that, the items they had were brilliant. There was lots of really high-quality things that can be kept up and used year-round which I love, as often you find tackier, one-off things for Halloween, made to be shoved in a cupboard 50 weeks of the year. They had everything from glassware to cushions, home decor and candles. We loved the cushions but sadly one contained real feathers and the other had leather elements. So no cushions for these spooky vegans!

I really loved the wine glasses but Freddie and I don't drink, and already have an unopened box of wine glasses, so buying more seemed quite pointless. One of my other favourite things that I spotted were the Grim Reaper 'killin' it' napkins, which I'll almost certainly be going back for. We also debated purchasing a Skull Glass Mug set, which we might end up buying. I loved the detail of the skull tealights we spotted too, but I have way too many candles and suspect they'd not look as pretty after being burned for a little while. The little wooden apothecary signs were really cute but I couldn't really think of anywhere in the flat to put them, and they were a little costly for printed wooden blocks, sadly. 

I'm really happy with what we did buy in the end, however, and can't wait to have it all on display and to use it all. The first thing we picked up were not actually in the Halloween section, but cleverly placed in a black-themed display next to the Halloween items. We picked up four of these handmade black glasses for £2.99 each, and we love them. Freddie spotted them first, and so we decided to get a set. They go perfectly with our black crockery and are really unique. As they're handmade, the pattern in each glass is slightly different, and we did spend quite a while picking our favourite four out of what was there. They're a perfect addition to our ever growing spooky kitchenwear collection. 

Still on the subject of kitchenwear, we also picked up two of these skull plates, also for £2.99 each. I noticed these, and Freddie and I loved them straight away. The detail of the skull art is lovely, and the hipster top hat, monacle, and moustache make them quite quirky and fun without being childish. We already have a large pumpkin serving plate for when we have friends over, so adding to our spooky serving plates in time for Halloween seemed like a fab idea. Plus, they'll definitely add a magic touch to any foody instagrams I do! 

Moving away from kitchenwear, we bought this Spider Venom Bottle which was a steal at £3.99. I already have a witchy-looking bottle, and thought this would go perfectly and look nice on our shelves. They had this in two designs; spider venom and witches' brew, but I prefered the spider venom design. They also had a spider venom one with no glitter on, which I much prefered to the rest which had a green glitter finish to them. I love spooky apothecary-esque bottles and I'm really happy I spotted this. 

The thing we were by far the most excited about was this T-Rex Skeleton Bell Jar, which was our most expensive purchase at £12.99. I'd wanted something in a bell jar since we got our new giant shelf set but couldn't quite decide what until I saw this. Freddie picked it up and got really excited about it too, so then I knew it just had to come home with us. It's so unusual, and really well made, and I love the texure of the skeleton. It's definitely going to take pride of place!

I'm really happy with the things Freddie and I chose, and I'm extra excited to see what else TKMaxx get in stock as Halloween rolls nearer. I'll definitely be popping back in every now and then to see what's in stock, and of course will keep you all updated with my favourite Halloween ranges! Have you seen any great Halloween things out and about? 

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