Friday, 1 September 2017

A Month in Horror Films | August 2017

Hey Spookies! Happy September - Autumn at last! Last month I had chance to watch a few horror movies, old and new(ish), so I'm back with a new 'month in horror' post to hopefully provide you with some recommendations to peruse and advice on which films might not be so great. Hope you've had a great August and my apologies for this post being a little late! 

The Descent //
The Descent was bloody brilliant. Freddie had been saying he wanted to watch it with me for ages, and we never seemed to get around to it until this month. He’d seen it before, but I hadn’t. I was a little bit apprehensive when he said that there are no monsters or frights until around halfway through, as I’m a bit fussy and get bored of slow-start films quickly. Boy, was I wrong. The first half of the film is far more terrifying than when the monsters arrive, and made me feel so claustrophobic and sick. There were parts where I could barely stand to look because of the cramped shots and rising tension. The arrival of the crawlers added a whole new element of fear, and the film was a perfect blend of story, jump-scares, gore, and suspense, which not many horrors get so right. This film genuinely had me feeling scared and uncomfortable. Best of all, it left me with so many questions. Was it real or her imagination? Why did she do that to her friend? Would she get out? It was such an amazing film. Thank you Freddie for recommending it!

Unfriended //
This one sat in my ‘to watch’ list on Netflix for a long time. I was curious about the format as soon as I saw it, as the whole film takes place on a computer screen. A year on from a girl being driven to suicide by bullying, a group of friends are video chatting, and things get horrific pretty quickly. This film isn’t the best horror film I’ve watched, and certainly isn’t one of the greats, but was a good watch. The suspense builds from the beginning, and keeps you wondering what will happen next, and to who. Some of the scenes are disturbingly creative, such as one involving a blender, however, others are bland or simply too unclear to be scary. I did love that you start rooting for the main characters, and eventually change perception, as the ‘villain’ reveals their secrets. It’s an interesting representation of the anguish bullying can cause people and how easy it can be to brush off as a consequence-free joke until it comes back to haunt you.

I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House //
This film was so very promising at the beginning, with fascinating visuals and beautifully poetic dialogue, but unfortunately all goes down hill from there. The story was slow and boring, and not remotely scary. At all. I was left feeling bored and dissapointed by a film that had promised so much at the beginning. It's only saving grace was the visuals and poetic elements of dialogue. I really wouldn't recommend watching. 

Lights Out // 
Lights Out was a great watch. According to Freddie, it was based on this short film, which I adored when it went viral, and the full-length film certainly did it justice. The story knitted together relatively well, although there were some gaps that could have been explored or explained further. I found parts of the film quite scary, and the tension building was well done. Freddie seemed to find the plot predictable but frankly, my blissful optimism left me shook at the ending. I just did not see it coming! Overall, it was an enjoyable modern horror with some revelations and plot twists that kept it interesting, and I had a lot of fun watching it.

Have you watched any great films this month? I'd love to hear about them, especially horror recommendations as the evenings draw darker!  



  1. oooh Im putting all of these on my list for sure!! I love a good scare haha ^_^

    1. Same! I love horror films so bloody much! xxx

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