You've almost certainly seen me posting about Liverpool Horror Con* endlessly on social media. I was kindly gifted a press pass, and had such a wonderful time. It felt great to be with 'my people'. Here's the lowdown on what I got up to across the two days of horrific delight!

Thank you for taking this Dana - I love it!

Day One

On Saturday, I went with a group of friends. We got up early to get glammed up and con-ready. I was so excited to walk into the convention hall and see so many likeminded people and so much to see and do. For once, instead of looking like the Babadook had crept into a family photo, I was finally surrounded by people as enthusiastic about the macabre as myself.

One of the first things we did after gawping and trying to look at all of the stores near the entrance at once (not easy when you only have two eyes) was watching Enchantico's first performance at the convention. They're absolutely amazing and I'll be doing a full post on them soon. They're a 'gorelesque' act, combining amazing dance, seduction, and horror in the best way. 

Pretty sure Kat is a goddess.
After that we walked around the stalls and looked at everything! I bought so many pieces of art and handcrafted items, and love all of it. I was amazed at how many artists were there and how wonderful they all were - I'm really looking forward to putting all of the prints we bought up in the flat. It got to a point where Freddie and I had to just agree to not buy any more even though there were more we wanted, as we'd run out of room for them. It was so wonderful to see so many creatives, authors, jewellery makers, cake decorators, and more. I was so inspired by the talent and dedication so many of these creatives have. 

We visited the Hall of Horrors by Captain Jack's Prop Shack after that but didn't get chance to check out every set as they had to set up for the photoshoot with CJ as Jason. We went back the next day and took so many photos!

After that we were pretty hungry so we nipped out to the local McDonald's as it was a bit cheaper than the convention centre. We were all pretty exhausted at this point even though it was only around 3:30pm, so we called it an early finish and went back to the flat to eat vegan pizza and be lazy. A Saturday well spent, I'd say. 


On the Sunday, it was just Freddie and I, and it was a lot less intense as the exhibition centre was a little quieter. We started the day a little later and had a casual walk around the traders and bought a few bits and pieces. On our journey, we found a 3D scanner. How on Earth did we miss that yesterday? Naturally, Freddie I were 3D scanned, which was so cool! After that, we caught the end of Slayers, a short film, and the panel on its making, with the director and one of the actors. 

Checkin' out our 3D scan!
The girls from Enchantico and I went over to chat to Ari Lehman and he wanted a selfie with us on his phone. Ari Lehman wanted a selfie with me in it. I'm still giddy from how weird the whole experience was. I got to chat to him a fair bit at different parts of the afternoon and he's so friendly and down-to-Earth!

I also had a really cool chat with Laurence Harvey from The Human Centipede 2, and I'm sure you'll be relieved to know he's far less terrifying in real life. We took some photos together and Freddie bought a vinyl of him reading some folk stories. At this point, my life did feel pretty surreal. 

One of the most fun parts of the weekend by far was chatting to Sean M. Whalen. My mum's favourite film (aside from Jaws) is Twister and he was kind enough to record a video saying hello to her. I bought a signed print from Twister for her and told him how much she adores the film. He even added me on Facebook so I could send him the selfies, which is rad as hell! It was really nice getting to make my mum so happy and getting to babble about how great Twister is on her behalf. 

Freddie and I then spent some time wandering around, where we made some pals, chatted to some fascinating authors and creatives, and made some new friends. Hi Mark of Hellbound Media! We then got busy with my favourite bit (because I'm an exhibitionist): Hall of Horrors. This time, we could spend as long as we liked in there, and because it was so quiet, we were pretty much undisturbed. Freddie had a great time practising photography, and I had a great time pretending I was a model. I absolutely love how the pictures turned out! 

Is human face pizza vegan?!

We then sat and listened to performances by G Tom Mac (amazing) and Ari Lehman (also amazing). We stayed in the little cafe area at the other end because we both needed a breather for a little while. Then, back to the stage area to watch the ever wonderful Enchantico perform again, this time with Ari Lehman to torture. It was so much fun and a great way to end the con!

Thank you to Vic for organising such a perfect weekend, and for inviting me. Until next year,

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  1. Sounds like such an awesome event and perfect for getting in the halloween spirit.

  2. Great review! It was lovely to meet someone so passionate about the genre!

  3. "Instead of looking like the Babadook had crept into a family photo" made me chuckle! The pics are amazing too x

  4. This event looked so amazing, your pictures are brill darling. 💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x | www.alishavalerie.com