Your girl was given a press pass for Liverpool Horror Con, a celebration of horror with panels, performances, and creators. It felt great to be with 'my people'. Here's the lowdown on my ghoulish  weekend. 

Day One

I started the weekend by rising early to get glammed up and con-ready. For once, instead of looking like the Babadook had crept into a family photo, I was finally surrounded by people as enthusiastic about the macabre as myself.

After pushing the boundaries of what two eyes can see, by attempting to see every stall at once, we settled in to watch Enchantico. They're a 'gorelesque' act, combining dance, seduction, and horror in powerful, themed performances. 

After that we perused the stalls. I bought so many pieces of fantastical art and handcrafted items. I was amazed at how many artists were there and revelled in the opportunity to support independent creators in the horror community. There were so many wonderful creatives, authors, jewellery makers, cake decorators, and beyond. I was so inspired by the talent and dedication of the community and range of crafts people had to offer.



The Sunday was less intense as the convention centre was quieter and we'd already seen all of the stalls. We started the day later and had a casual walk around the traders to buy a few bits and pieces we hadn't picked up the day before. On our journey, we found a 3D scanner. How on Earth did we miss that yesterday? Naturally, Freddie I opted to be 3D scanned, which was a bizarre, yet very fun experience. We then caught the end of Slayers, a short film, and the panel on its making, with the director and one of the actors. 

Checkin' out our 3D scan!
The girls from Enchantico and I went over to chat to Ari Lehman and he wanted a selfie with us on his phone. Ari Lehman wanted a selfie with me in it. I'm still giddy from how weird the whole experience was. It was certainly a 'pinch-me' moment. I got to chat to him a fair bit at different parts of the afternoon and he was incredibly friendly and down-to-Earth!

I also had a chat with Laurence Harvey from The Human Centipede 2, and I'm sure you'll be relieved to know he's far less terrifying in real life. We took some photos together and Freddie bought a vinyl of him reading some folk stories. At this point, life felt pretty surreal. 

One of the most fun parts of the weekend by far was chatting to Sean Whalen. My mum's favourite film (aside from Jaws) is Twister and he was kind enough to record a video saying hello to her. I bought a signed print from Twister for her and told him how much she adores the film. He even added me on Facebook so I could send him the selfies. It was really nice getting to make my mum so happy and to share the appeciation on her behalf. 

Freddie and I then spent time wandering. We made some new friends, and talked with fascinating authors and creatives. I then unleashed my inner exhibitonist in Hall of Horrors. As it was quieter, we spent time practising our photography skills, and I has fun pretending to be model. 

Is human face pizza vegan?!

We listened to performances by the fabulous G Tom Mac and the brilliant Ari Lehman. Enchantico then finished the event with a hilarious and alluring performance with Ari Lehman, ending the con on a high.

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  1. Sounds like such an awesome event and perfect for getting in the halloween spirit.

  2. Great review! It was lovely to meet someone so passionate about the genre!

  3. "Instead of looking like the Babadook had crept into a family photo" made me chuckle! The pics are amazing too x

  4. This event looked so amazing, your pictures are brill darling. 💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x | www.alishavalerie.com