Friday, 22 December 2017


Hey Spookies! Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend another #CarnLIVal, and as always, had an absolutely amazing time. This time, it was invite-only, so I was thrilled and honoured to have been invited. Katy and Sammy put their heart and soul into organising these events, and it always shows.

One of the main focusses of #CarnLIVal is to give back, and this time, we made gift boxes for homeless people in Liverpool. I was really proud of what I put together, and really hope it helps bring comfort to someone in need, especially over the colder months. Everyone else was really generous too, and it makes me so proud to be part of such a caring, loving community. As well as the gift boxes, funds raised from the raffle and lucky dip are being donated to the Repeal the 8th charity. 

#CarnLIVal was held at Lady of Mann on Dale Street this time, and it was such a lovely venue. It's hidden down a little alley that opens into a gorgeous old-fashioned courtyard. Inside was delightfully cosy, and they'd seperated a section off just for us, with a gorgeous little Christmas tree in the corner. Katy and Sam had added some extra festive touches too, making it an adorable festive wonderland. 

We always have fun playing different games at #CarnLIVal, and this was no different. We cut out and decorated snowflakes, with a prize for the best (well done Tasmin!). Of course, there was the famed 'Naughty and Nice' lucky dips, which we all love. I got some really adorable bits and pieces, including a wide-angle lens for my phone and the most adorable cinema-style light box keyring, and some naughty bits too, naturally! Brands were so very generous for the charity raffle, which featured Urban Decay, NYX, Gino D'Campo, and more. I was lucky enough to win tickets to Spare Rib Burlesque in February, which I'm really excited about! We all played pass the parcel too, which is always great fun (we're all adults, honest!). 

We all did a Secret Santa, which was so so lovely. I almost couldn't take part because the gift I had bought hadn't arrived. It literally arrived at our flat during the event, so Freddie wrapped it and ran to Lady of Mann with it for me. Is he the real Santa? Maybe. Lydia got my gift, which was some TAM Beauty bits, which I really hope she enjoys. I picked out Tasmin's gift, which was a face mask, what may actually be the world's softest pair of socks, and the most massive, adorable mug ever! It's perfect for filling with hot chocolate. Thank you so much Tasmin! 

It's always wonderful to spend time with blogging pals, and this #CarnLIVal was so lovely and relaxed. At events with more people there, it can be hard to find time to chat to everyone, so it was really special to get to properly catch up with everyone! Hightlights include Codie's hair masterpiece, getting to hear how Junior Doctor life is treating Hannah, and meeting Brit, a fellow vegan! It's always fun to find vegans in the wild. 

Thanks to Katy and Sam's hard work, the goodybags are always amazing and brands are so generous. I'm really looking forward to featuring some of the wonderful things we were given on here, such as Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks and Studded Kiss Lipsticks, The Little Book of Lykke from Penguin UK, and a gorgeous diary from Paperchase. 

#CarnLIVal is good for the soul, and I'm already looking forward to seeing my blogging babes again soon. I can not thank Katy and Sam enough for the effort they put in to our little blogging community. 


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