Friday, 5 January 2018

2017 in Review

Hey Spookies! I've been really enjoying 2017 review posts so I thought I'd do my own. It feels like last year has been painfully slow but gone in a blink all at once, so it's been refreshing to look back on exactly what I've spent a year doing. I've used my camera roll as a guide, so hopefully I've missed nothing out!

January | January started with a bang at Matt's New Year party. Freddie and I brought in the new year dressed as Frank Iero and Darren Aronovsky respectively, surrounded by pals in London. The rest of the month went by pretty quietly, as I focussed on my university work.

February | February was a month dedicated to university work. I was lucky enough to spend a day at Manchester Museum being taught by their amphibian curator about all the conservation work they do, and even got to meet one of the amphibian stars of Planet Earth, making me one degree of separation from David Attenborough. I'll take that.  I also made a start on my old dissertation. Little did I know that it was doomed.

March | March brought 2 weeks studying at Chester Zoo, learning about all the different aspects of the runnings of a zoo, from conservation to PR, animal transfer rules to exhibit design. We were also lucky enough to get behind-the-scenes tours of some areas of Chester Zoo. I found the ethical side of the discussions absolutely fascinating, and got a lot out of my time there. Even better, March was the month we met and fell in love with Oberst. He's our first pet together, and we love him so dearly. Thank you Ellie for donating some cage parts so we could rescue him!

April | In April, Freddie and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary! Being with someone half a decade definitely makes one feel old. We didn't do anything to celebrate as money was tight, but that doesn't matter. I'm so lucky to have met him and to share my life with him. I also attended #CarnLIVal this month, and had a wonderful time (as always!). April was also the month Orwell crashed into our lives. We were looking for a companion for Oberst, and we certainly didn't expect to find someone as special as little Orwell. I've not shared his story on here, so I'll be sure to do that soon! 

May | May brought my 22nd birthday, which I spent away in the Bialoweiza Forest in Poland. The trip was so special and so much fun, even if I was hideously unwell and on my way to an asthma diagnosis through most of it. I handed in my last essays of my MSc (yay!), got diagnosed with asthma, regained the ability to breathe properly with the right treatment, and on we went to June.

June | In June, I was lucky enough to be invited to Space Coffee* to review their delicious vegan options, and it was such a fun afternoon. Sun, lovely bloggers, and yummy food; what more could you need? Freddie and I also visited the MIRACOCO Luminarium for the 50th anniversary of St. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. It was also the dreaded general election, and that went terribly, didn't it? Enough said on that. 

July | July came with another wonderful #CarnLIVal, which I can never thank Katy and Sammy enough for. I also rescued an injured seagull, who stayed in our bath for a few hours awaiting the RSPCA's arrival to collect him. We named him Mr. C. Gull. July was Pride, which was so much fun! I had such a marvellous day, and it was the day I invited Dana to hang out with us. She's now one of our best friends and a fully fledged member of our little family!

August | In August, I did a silversmithing workshop with Noctua*, and made two gorgeous little stacking rings. I got an undercut put in, which makes my hair so much more manageable, and Freddie and I saw Connor Oberst live. It was one of my favourite gigs I've ever been to, and is now a cherished memory. I got a referral for a second round of surgery to treat the Hidradenitis Suppurativa on my leg, Freddie and I visited the Open Eye Gallery, and I called it quits on my doomed dissertation.

September | The New IT film came out in September, which we went to see, obviously. It was amazing, obviously. I also started my new job in a haunted house in September, and was lucky enough to be invited to try some VR at VR-Here* and feature on their YouTube channel!

October | I was beside myself with joy when I was invited to Liverpool Horror Con*, and when October finally came, I was like a child at Christmas. It was one of the most fun weekends of my life! I was also invited back to VR-Here* with Ellie and Dana to have some more VR fun, and took part in the Liverpool Zombie Walk as part of my job (how cool is that?!). Halloween came and went and work was incredibly busy, as you can imagine!

November | In November, my sweet ratties Wedensday and Lydia found their way to us, and for now our little family is complete. I had my pre-op assessment for my surgery, and unfortunately November was the month where my already shoddy mental health got even worse. Through that, I realised how lucky I am to have such a strong support system, so it's not all bad.

December | Here we are, in December. This month I had an appointment with a psychiatric nurse, who gave me some resources and advice to kickstart my mental health recovery. I went to the Ice Festival on the Pier Head with Freddie, went to another brilliant #CarnLIVal, and hosted my own little Christmas party. I got a surgery date for January. I've spent a lovely Christmas with Freddie and my family, and brought in 2018 at work surrounded by monsters!


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