Monday, 22 January 2018

Wicked Kitchen Vegan Wraps Review

Hey Spookies! If you're into vegan food, you know Derek Sarno's collaboration with Tesco is the word - and taste - on everyone's lips. Finally, vegan-friendly convinience food that isn't a hummus and falafel wrap. Not that I'm not partial to a hummus and falafel wrap - it's just nice to finally have variety!

Sarno, talking to Plant-Based News, has promised 'punchy, bold' flavour, and that vibrancy is key to the Wicked Kitchen brand. From my initial taste test, Wicked Kitchen does not dissapoint. In my local Tesco I found the Sweet Potato Pakora Wrap and the Hoisin Mushroom Wrap. The Hoisin Mushroom Wrap was reduced price too. Winner. 

Sweet Potato Pakora Wrap // For me, this was a bit too spicy from the get-go, but got easier to eat with each bite. I'm not a big fan of vegan food that's too heavy-handed on the spice, but also recognise I'm a bit of a spice-wimp. I really loved the sriacha mayonnaise, as that creamy texure isn't often found in vegan sandwiches. The effort to add-in something novel like vegan sriacha mayo really shines through and makes it exciting to eat. It was just a bit too spicy overall for me. 

Hoisin Mushroom Wrap // This is an absolute winner for me. The texture is just so interesting and different, and the flavour is rich and interesting. The contrast of the pulled Eryngii mushrooms and the crunchiness of the carrot and cabbage makes it hearty and unusual to eat. It tastes healthy yet filling and is definitely 'feel-good' food. I'm definitely going to get this again.

Overall, Wicked Kitchen definitely lives up to its promise of vibrancy, punchiness, and boldness, and provides exciting, healthy, and filling vegan convinience food. It's wonderful to finally have food to grab-and-go that isn't bland. I'm really excited to try more of their delicious plant-based offerings and I will certainly get back to you when I do. Have you tried any of Wicked Kitchen? What did you think?  


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  1. I'm so glad you reviewed these, I was really interested when I saw their release! I'll be brave and give the sweet potato pakora a whirl, it sounds more moist and tasty than falafel xx

  2. I'm so keen to try These! Sadly my small local Tesco doesn't have them yet so I'm going to have to venture further afield. I love spice so that wrap sounds right up my street!

  3. This place sounds so amazing, I need to check it out! Thank you for sharing πŸŒΈπŸ’œ✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x |

  4. I'm pleased you like the Hoisin mushroom wrap. I thought it was absolutely disgusting. Even reduced from 3.00 to 27p, I felt ripped off.