Friday, 27 July 2018

How To Enjoy Summer

It can be very easy to feel like you're the only one not enjoying the summer, but I assure you, this is not the case. Plenty of us are just more suited to the cooler weather and darker evenings that autumn and winter bring. If summer isn't the season of joy for you, then I feel you totally. Here are some handy tips to help you survive the season of sun and sweat. 

1. Enjoy the sunshine privately. // Going and lying on a crowded beach or in a busy park not your thing? Me neither. As much as us winter-folk may resent the sun for being so warm and gross, we do have to concede that some sunshine and vitamin D is good for us. Chilling in a shady spot in your garden and feeling the breeze and fresh air can do you the world of good. Read a book. Watch some wildlife. Maybe even do a bit of gentle gardening if sitting still isn't your idea of fun. You get all the benefits of the fresh air and sunshine without the pressure of feeling self conscious or stuck out in the heat.

2. Wear what you feel comfortable in. // The internet is full of body positive posts telling us to wear those tiny shorts or that crop top regardless of what other people may think. I totally agree, we shouldn't be roasting hot or uncomfortable because some people have trash opinions. That said, sometimes I find myself feeling bad for not having the confidence to do that in practise. It's 100% okay if you need to work around your insecurities to feel comfortable. For me, it's not likely that I'll be showing my bare legs off anytime soon. That doesn't mean I have to roast. Instead, on hot days I opt for flowy, thin, hippy-pants. This way I can go about my day without feeling self-conscious or too hot. We should all be working on self-love but it's a journey and it's okay not to upset yourself by wearing something you're not happy in. There's always a clever way to work around it. 

3. Look after yourself. // Keep hydrated, take your antihistamines, wear suncream and all of that good stuff. Remember to check if any medication you take makes you more sun-sensitive and take precautions. Allergies, sunburn, or heat stroke aren't going to help you enjoy a relaxed summer. Be sensible and look after your health! 

4. Know your limits. // If you need a day to relax indoors, or to skip that gym session, or would rather get a taxi or a bus somewhere to avoid getting hot and bothered walking then do it. Take your summer at your own pace. Even though it seems like everyone is busy every minute of the day in summer, it's okay, important, and healthy to rest and know your own limits. There's no fun in forcing yourself to do things that will make you miserable. Find a balance between you-time and socialising. 

5. Appreciate the smaller things. // Just like we all love a hot drink after being out in the cold, we can take comfort in the small things summer gives us. Ice-cold drinks. Butterflies. Lighter evenings. Flowers. Find the little things that make you smile about summer and focus on them. 

6.  This is temporary. // When you're sticky and sweaty and cursing the summer, just remember that it's temporary. Before you know it the leaves will be orange, the evenings dark, and the air cool and crisp. For me, summer brings its share of bad days and waves of self doubt, but it's all temporary and soon it'll be my favourite season and I'll be comfortable again. This is true for all of us. 


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