Thursday, 30 August 2018

August Favourites

Wow! August is coming to an end already. This summer has passed so ridiculously quickly. I'm so excited that autumn is almost upon us and the weather is beginning to cool! Be still my Halloweeny heart! This month I've found some brilliant bargains and some beautiful pieces so I'm keen to share with you. You'll definitely have peeped some of these on my Instagram already because I just couldn't wait to show them! 

Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit in 'Bespoke' // I picked this up in Boots as there was an offer on - any 2 lip or nail products for £7 (bargain!), and I am in love. This is one of the most 'me' lip colours I've ever seen. I adore dusty muted colours, and this gorgeous cool-toned purple-grey suits me so well. It also comes with a lipliner, which I don't often use, so I've been living my best Kylie Jenner life playing with it. It also really helps with getting a more crisp application of the matte lipstick, which is something I sometimes struggle with as I'm a big perfectionist. I'm so glad I picked this out and I can see myself wearing this often as it's such a versatile colour.  

Irregular Choice Misty's Castle Shoes // The sale bargain of the century! I bought these from Schuh for less than half price, but they're out of stock now, sorry! These shoes are magical, whimsical, kooky, and so very 'me'. I have wanted a pair of 'odd' shoes since my teen-emo self discovered the idea of wearing odd-coloured Converse. A fairy castle shoe and a matching unicorn shoe? The dream. I could gush about how beautifully designed these shoes are forever. They're just so gorgeous. I think the different textures are really what make these shoes something special. From the glitter mane to the scalloped edges and the wavy soles, these shoes are so eye-catching and really are wearable art. 

New Look 'Drop it Like a Sloth' Bedding // It's no secret that I am a sloth trapped in a human's body. I eat plants, move slowly, and sleep. So when I found this adorable pink sloth bedding on the New Look website, I simply had to have it. These sloths are so adorably illustrated, and have the cutest poses and facial expressions. Plus, it matches my very pink bedroom perfectly. I don't think bedding could be better suited to me. 

Tu Denim Jacket // I have wanted a black denim jacket for a long long time. I'd been searching online for an age but found they were all just so expensive. Enter Sainsbury's and the Tu 20% off sale! I spotted this which was a good price to start, then was reduced by 20% and grabbed it whilst I had the chance. It is the softest denim I've ever felt and the panel detailing makes it look so special. I got a size bigger because I love the oversized look in a denim jacket, and because I plan to fit big jumpers under there in the colder months! It fits perfectly and gives and effortless cool look (or as close to that as I'll ever hope to get!). 

Art // This month, thanks to my amazing best friend Ellie, I've begun enjoying making art again. She made me a beautiful sketchbook and even gave me some art lessons and let me use her equipment to get started. I'm so blessed to have such a supportive and generous best friend, and to rekindle my love of art is such an amazing gift. I've been sketching away, seeing inspiration in everything, and really enjoying making things as self-care. 

What have you been loving this month? I'd love to hear about it! 


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  1. Those shoes couldn't be more you if you had designed them yourself! I love that there are so many details to add some jazz to simple outfits. I hope I can hunt down a matching jacket in my sainsbobs!

    1. I love them so much! I'm all about jazzing up simple, 'lazy' outifts haha! Fingers crossed they have one for you!