Jöro Vegan Eatery is a beautiful, rustic café tucked away down historic stone steps in Hamilton Square, Birkenhead. They're you'll find homemade vegan food and a welcoming atmosphere. I'm always delighted to find new vegan places to eat, so for somewhere to open in such a central, accessible location at such affordable prices is a joy. I've visited twice now, and loved every moment I've spent there. 

On my first visit, with my dear friend Ellie (who's a brilliant artist, check her work out!), she so very kindly treated me to their Sausage Baguette and a Fentimans Pink Lemonade. The baguette was crispy on the outside, and soft inside, filled with veggie sausage and fried mushrom and onion. The mushroom and onion were fried to perfection, and had an absolutely esquisite texture. It was so simple, yet so hearty and comforting, and presented on a very instagram-worthy board. I left feeling so full and content. 

On my second visit, I went with Freddie, and we both opted for the English Breakfast, followed by a salted caramel and chocolate cake topped with ice-cream. The whole thing was absolutely divine. As a self-confessed hash brown connoisseur, these were honestly some of the best hash browns I have ever tasted. The texture was absolutely perfect. The hummus made an interesting but delicious addition to a breakfast - but would I really be vegan if I didn't think hummus goes with everything? Their chef must be incredibly talented because once again, the mushroom and onion were fried perfectly, as was the tomato. Whomever it is must have their timing beyond precise. Not to mention, I am convinced the person who baked the cake was a wizard, or a genius, or both. It was so indulgent, rich, and full-of-flavour. I was totally stuffed by the end of it, but so happy. 

Jöro Vegan Eatery truly is the place of dreams, and I'm so happy to have found a vegan gem that's so easy to get to and so affordable. The staff are all so friendly, knowledgable about allergies, and welcoming to everyone. It was a delight to see so many customers not of the 'stereotypical vegan' demographic enjoying delicious vegan food in a local business. I can definitely see myself becoming a very regular customer. Supporting local, independent, vegan businesses is so important to me, and this is one I'll happily continue to cheer for! 


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  1. I'm popping over to Birkenhead in a few weeks for an event so will check this place out, thanks for sharing! 💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x | www.alishavalerie.com