I worked with the event management team at Yogific Yoga & Vegan Festival in Liverpool recently, and had a wonderful day. Yogific hold yoga and vegan festivals all over the UK and Europe, bringing together the vegan community and the yoga community to show how spiritual practise and veganism go hand in hand. For £7 entry, there was a full day of talks, yoga and meditation classes, including outdoor classes in the glorious sunshine, and a huge variety of stalls. It's such a beautiful event and I was so happy to be taking part. 

This would be my first time working in a while, and at such a big event I was nervous. I honestly had no need to be, and had one of the most lovely weekends I've had in a long time. I spent the Saturday helping set up in preperation for Sunday, the big day of the event.

Sunday came and it was an early start with more setting up to do, then the day got underway. I spent a good chunk of the morning helping at the entry booth, checking tickets and making up and distributing the brilliant goodybags featuring generous products by The Body Shop, including hand cream and face masks, along with wonderful vegan protein powder and health bars by Pulsin. They were brilliant goodybags full of plenty of pamper opportunities!

The staff, including me, were generously catered for by two of the stallholders, Happy Cat Coffee and Greek Vegan Deli, and goodness were we lucky! Happy Cat Coffee are brilliantly talented baristas who make lovely coffees and teas. Greek Vegan Deli made us the most delicious falafel wraps I've ever tasted. There were so many amazing ingredients that I can't remember them all, but honestly, it was wonderful. I have two words for you: vegan halloumi. Vegan. Halloumi. 

After lunch it was time to help out at the Lil' Yogi Room, which, if you haven't guessed, was the room for children's yoga classes. I had an absolute ball joining in with a laughter yoga session. It's yoga using laughter based breathing techniques and it was so uplifting and fun. I think the adults enjoyed it more than the children! 

I was done for the day until clean-up time so luckily had a moment to peruse the stalls. There were so many wonderful food, holistic, eco, wellbeing, and animal rights stalls, and the best part is, it was all vegan! I treated myself to an extremely tasty and sugary sweet mint chocolate crunch from Vegan Choc Shop, and a massage taster session from Creuynni Complementary Healthcare. I was also fortunate enough to be gifted a Vegan Colouring Book* by Things I Care About.

The atmosphere was absolutely beautiful. Everyone seemed so comfortable and content yet excited and busy. I had so much fun and can't wait for another Yogific event to come close enough for me to visit. Yogific do events in so many different locations so check out their events page and get yourself to your nearest festival pronto! 


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  1. Vegan halloumi?! I'm sold! So glad you enjoyed working there, I bet it gave you a real boost xx

    1. It was divine Lyd! Thank you, it really did! xxx

  2. OMG. This festival seems so wonderful! Wish I'd have known about it. Sending you all of the love. 💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x | www.alishavalerie.com