Monday, 3 September 2018

10 Basic Confessions Tag

In honour of the dawn of PSL season, I'm here to share my 'basic bitch confessions'. Let's face it, we're all a little bit basic, and there's nothing wrong with that. It's so unreasonable to ridicule people for liking 'basic' things. They're considered 'basic' because they make most people happy. What's wrong with liking things that make us happy? Nothing. I'm taking a stand and making this a tag. Now I've said the word 'basic' way too many times, I'm going to tell you what makes me a basic bitch!

1. Autumn // In typical blogger fashion, I'm all about all autumn everything. Give me those thick jumpers and chelsea boots to get cosy in. Give me everything in a pumpkin scent. Give me the excitement of Halloween. Give me that autumn aesthetic with leaves and scarves and orange-tones. I live for autumn and I revel in it all!

2. Starbucks // Speaking of autumn, we couldn't have this list without a mention of the PSL, the pumpkin spice latte, the overlord of autumnal basic living. This autumn will actually be my first PSL experience, as it's finally finally vegan-isible! I am a big fan of a Starbucks visit and a good ol' insta-shot of the Starbucks cup. If there's a new Starbucks drink-trend and it's vegan-friendly, you bet I'm in the queue. 

3. Instagram brows // Take one glance in my direction and you'll see I am a huge fan of the instagram-brows trend. No look is complete without my trusty brow pomade, and shaped and faded black brows to match my hair. I am a huge fan of the bold brow look, and even if I have heard some of the top MUAs say a more natural look is better, you can pry my pomade out of my cold, dead hands. 

4.  The peace sign // When I was in high-school, the girls would jokingly say 'if in doubt, peace and pout', which is advice I have carried deep in my soul. The peace sign is a wonderful go-to pose for all occasions. If I look goofy on purpose, then I won't look goofy by accident - words I live by. 

5. Unicorns // Unicorns, mermaids, llamas - we all have to pick a side. I'm firmly on team unicorn! I may look goth, but my room is a sugary pink haven of unicorns. I just love to look on the whimsical side of life and I'm almost permanently away with the faries so it's natural that I'd be a fan of the unicorn. 

6. Scented candles // I love a scented candle. I have hoards of the things. Especially Yankee Candle, just for the extra basic points because their products are vegan friendly and smell divine. My favourite scent is Salted Caramel but I am one of those people who has a candle for all seasons and occassions. You won't catch me burning 'Summer Scoop' in Winter! 

7. Face Masks // Did you even do a facemask if you didn't take a selfie?! Probably not. As a lover of self-care and a closet skincare fanatic, facemasks make me so happy. Whether it's a sheet mask, a peely mask, or a creamy one, I just can't get enough facemasks. Any excuse to pop one on and I'm there. 

8. Memes // Sorry, not sorry. I love a good meme bandwagon. Catch me on Twitter living for all the latest meme trends! I'd make some kind of meme reference here but we'll all have forgotten what it means a year from now and it will look super weird. 

9. Pin collecting // This is a trend I never thought I'd be a part of. I used to look at pins and really wonder what the appeal of collecting them was. Then I found one pin that I loved and meant something special to me, and I was sucked in. Now I want all of the pins! 

10. Cacti // Okay, I'm going to be that person. I've had mini cacti since before it was cool. Back when I was about 3 and my nanna babysat me when my parents were working, I begged and begged and begged her to get me a tiny cactus from the supermarket. 20 years later and that cutie is still alive and I've aquired more. I adore little tiny cacti and succulents and when I have more space, I'll definitely be expanding my collection further!

There you have it. I'm a basic bitch in a goth wrapper. But hey, aren't we all? There's absolutely nothing wrong with having a basic side, so in the name of letting people enjoy things, I challenge you to unleash your basic side and share your confessions! Have I just invented a tag?! Cool. 


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  1. I love this list! I love PSLs, candles and meme!

    1. You're welcome to do the tag! I'd love to see your 'basic' confessions!