Tuesday, 25 September 2018

September Favourites

I can't believe Autumn is here! I get so excited when September hits because the weather finally starts to cool, and all of the spooky goodies I love so much start popping up in shops. The end of August came with my first payday at my new job, so naturally I've treated myself this month! I'm excited to show you the cute little 'pick-me-ups' I've bought.

HomeSense 'Boo' Mug // This was actually a gift from my beautiful Ellie. She went on a HomeSense adventure with her family and knew I'd be obssessed with the entire Halloween section, so she brought this adorable mug back for me. I love that it's matte black with a minimalist design, but the coolest thing about it is that it's deliberately 'imperfect'. The rim isn't perfectly circular, and the body of the mug isn't perfectly cylindrical, giving it that witchy cauldron feel! I've been guzzling hot chocolates in this bad boy since Ellie gave it to me. 

Cherry Abuku Plushies // This is a huge case of 'small world'. I've been a massive fan of Cherry Abuku for years and finally treated myself to a few pieces. Upon seeing this, my friend Dan told me he'd been friends with the creators from when he started university a gazillion miles away, and has known them for years but didn't know I was a fan the whole time! We were both mindblown! I chose the hot chocolate, cookie, and raincloud plushies as little self-care friends. There's nothing I love more than a hot drink and some biscuits on a rainy day. They're all just so happy and squishy and precious! I especially love the raincloud - the texture of the material is really soft and tactile and I really enjoy just holding it absentmindedly. Plus, the added hair bows and matching rings were such a special lil' touch! 10/10 adorable. 

Makeup Revolution Pro Matte Primer & Supreme Matte Finishing Spray // When I needed to repurchase my usual primer and setting spray, also by Makeup Revolution, they were out of stock. I decided to try out the matching set from their 'Pro' range, which were only £1 more each than their other options. They're really effective at keeping my makeup in place for a long day of work, so I'm super happy with these! I'm a bit fussy with primer textures, but this gel-style primer works really well for me, and makes a brilliant base for a matte look. The setting spray is equally fabulous. Whilst I love adding powder highlight, I prefer a matte base beneath that and tend to struggle with the foundation on my nose and chin becoming oily after a long day. This setting spray combats it perfectly, leaving my skin looking exactly how I want it, even when I've had a long and busy day. I'll definitely be repurchasing these!

Ben Cameron Pin Badge Club // Ben's designs are brilliant. They're so full of life and feeling, yet so simple and whimsical. I fell in love with this month's Pin Badge Club pin, so ordered one after I'd seen it, rather than as a surprise (you can do either!). This one follows on with my self-care theme, with the adorable hot drink and book. It's me to a 'T'. All of the precious extras Ben sends along with the pin were such a delight and a surprise! I just adore the double-sided bookmark, and Bowser and his butt made me giggle for a ridiculous length of time. It's clear Ben puts vast amounts of thought and love into his boxes, and opening this brought me such joy. 

Primark 'Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun' T-Shirt // I went hunting in Primark for some cheap and cheerful Halloween-wear, and thought I was going to be disappointed until I found this nestled amongst the Disney merchandise! I just love how cheeky Casper looks in the pose they've chosen! Plus the ghouls/girls pun really works for me as I've been dubbed 'ghoul girl' by multiple people previously. The best bit is that it glows in the dark. Yep! It glows in the dark! As if this t-shirt could be any more snazzy?! It's also made of a really thick, soft material, and fits really well, which I didn't expect from Primark! 

What have you been loving (or hating!) this month? I'd love to hear all about it!

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