Wednesday, 24 October 2018

A Month In Horror - October 2018

Hello horror lovers! It's our month to shine, so I'm back with another 'A Month in Horror' post! It's been a while since I've done one of these, and I'm super excited to be writing about my love of horror again. I'd really hoped to feature the majorly-hyped The Haunting of Hill House in this post, but haven't yet found the time to watch it with my full attention. Not to worry, that just means there'll be more horror-themed musings to post in the near future! Without further ado, behold the grizzly films I've loved and loathed in this month of the macabre. 

a blurred image of a book containing vintage images of women with old dentistry equipment in their mouths, caging their lower faces

Jigsaw // I'd meant to see Jigsaw when it was first released, but didn't ever get around to it. I was really excited to watch it when I peeped it on Netflix, and I am so glad I did! I wasn't a massive fan of the Saw franchise when I first watched them all, especially the later films, as it started to just feel like gratuitous gore with no substance to it. This was not the case with Jigsaw. The plot is excellent, with a fabulous twist that I just did not see coming at all, which is rare for a modern horror film. The gore was used effectively rather than excessively, and whilst the film wasn't scary, it was shocking. The story really engaged me and I loved this far more than I expected to! 

The Boy // The Boy is delightfully sinister, and tells a great story. The desperation of the parents is poignant, and the whole premise is tragic and creepy in equal measure. I do think, however, that for such an excellent story, the film was a little slow to start, and far more could have been done with the 'paranormal factor' in the first part of the film to build more tension for the 'peak' of this horrifying tale's  rollercoaster. Minus the issue of 'the boy', I'd love to live in the house they used as a set. The house was simply stunning, and made for some enchanting visuals, particularly shots of the dummy. Overall, this was a great horror, but the clever story was let down a little by the slow start and could have been more intense. 

Malevolent // I was really hoping this film would be good, as so far I've found most of Netflix' horror originals pretty poor. Unfortunately, this one was just as disappointing. The story is incredibly slow, with too many very obvious plot holes, and a completely inconsistent tone and level of momentum. The acting is a little lackluster, but likely on account of the characters having completely inconsistent motivations and personalities, and the plot being similarly unpolished. The paranormal aspect of the film was incredibly lazy and was rather boring, and the film was not remotely scary. If it had been more fine-tuned and a more consistent building of tension had been achieved, the twist could have been truly horrifying and haunting, but the engagement just isn't there. I'm really sad to give such a negative review, as I really was hoping Netflix could pull it out of the body-bag this time!

Holidays // This is a rather quirky offering of horror shorts, all of which are pretty entertaining and grim. I only chose to watch this as I saw that Seth Green was in it and wanted to see his role, and it was absolutely worth it. The shorts are themed around seasonal holidays, such as Easter, Christmas, or Valentine's Day. The imagery is well thought-out, using clever metaphors and knowledge of folklore and history to really build powerful and macabre short tales. These shorts are a bloody brilliant blend of cheesiness, hilarity, gore, and genius storytelling, making them entertaining and engaging. There are also some fabulously feministy moments where gross men get their comeuppance, so I'm fully sold on this grotesque anthology.  

Have you watched any excellent horror films this month? I can't wait to watch The Haunting of Hill House or Halloween (2018) soon, and of course, will post my full thoughts promptly! Happy horror-ing my spooky siblings!


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  1. I Googled the plot of The Boy so I knew exactly what happened and still got scared! For weeks afterwards I would stand in doorways to show myself that our walls aren't thick enough to live in!

    1. It is ridiculously sinister and creepy! The whole premise of it is brilliant and horrifying! I just wish they'd built the tension a bit more in the beginning!