Today I took my beautiful nephew on a trip to Blakemere Village. By 'taking my nephew', I mean that my mum did the driving and I did all of the fun auntie bits! Naturally, I felt it my duty as 'Goth Auntie' to partake in some Halloween adventures with our youngest family member, so a Zombie Pirate Treasure Trail seemed like a perfect afternoon out for us!

Blakemere Village is a glorious expanse of independent shops, eateries, and activities, set in beautifully historic grounds. I'd visited once before, many years ago, and my hazy memories of the place didn't do justice to how special this place really is. The historic buildings, beautiful scenery, and enchanting woodland make Blakemere a wonderful place to spend the day, and all of the things to see and do will always give you a reason to return. 

The Zombie Pirate Treasure Trail was so much fun, and my little nephew adored pottering around looking for the clues and finding them. He was particularly fond of the spiders in the treasure chests! The trail takes you on a stroll around the local businesses and the grounds, exploring and seeking out treasure chests, gravestones holding clues, and lost possessions of the petrifying zombie pirates! Once we'd found the clues and solved the puzzle, my nephew recieved a really generous prize of pirate themed goodies (especially considering it only cost £3 to do the treasure trail!). It was such a huge amount of fun and educational for my nephew, plus it was lovely to get a feel for the whole site and the lovely businesses that live there.

It was so delightful to see all of the businesses participating in the Halloween fun, happy to interact with visitors whether they were purchasing something or just hunting for trail clues. Everywhere was so wonderfully decorated for Halloween and filled with spooky spirit, giving the whole place a whimsical feel, as if stepping into a film set. There were cobwebs and pumpkins and skeletons as far as the eye could see. The sweet shop, Nanna Parry's, looked especially like an American Halloween film, with spooky candies and sweets and decorations everywhere you turned! 

Blakemere Village is truly a sanctuary for the quirky and weird, with so many unique offerings. The Fairy Dust Cake Shop felt like someone had taken the sparkly side of my soul and turned it into a cake shop, with beautiful vintage and fairy-princess themed displays combined with gorgeously decorated cupcakes and wonderfully geeky cake designs. I'm not sure if the owner makes vegan cakes at all, and really wish I'd asked! 

There are a few antique and vintage shops, which I could have spent absolutely hours browsing in and would gladly fill my home with items from. I also absolutely adored almost everything to be found in Fairtrade Lifestyle and Peepultree, and was quickly envisioning my dream home filled with beautiful ethically-sourced handcrafted art and furniture. Between these and the other unique and creative homeware and gift shops, I was mentally spending a small fortune and wishing I had the funds to fill my home with all of the lovely things I'd seen! It's probably for the best that Creature Features was closed, because it sounds exactly like the kind of place I'd lose financial restraint - a quick peep on their website already has me saving up for a few pieces!

There are so many amazing activities to participate in - I really want to come back to do some pottery painting at Cheshire Craft Workshop. They had approximately one million things I'd love to paint, particularly their Halloween range. There is also the opportunity to try segways, archery, low ropes, and more with Cheshire Outdoors, or go on a scenic cycling route with Cheshire Cycle Hire. With the touring park nearby and so many indoor and outdoor things to do, it's a perfect place to spend a couple of days with your family at any time of year! 

I really can't wait to visit Blakemere Village again when I've got more time and money to spend. This was an impromptu visit that made some precious family memories and had me falling completely in love with the place. If you're looking for somewhere beautiful, quaint, and filled with character to spend a day doing or finding something unique, then Blakemere Village is the place to go for you and your loved ones. 


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  1. I definitely need to get out and do some Halloween themed things asap! This looks awesome


    1. It was so much fun! I hope you find the time for some spooky adventures soon!x

  2. Oh my gosh - this place looks so amazing! I really need to check it out asap, thanks for sharing and making me aware of it gorgeous 💜✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie x

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    1. It's brilliant - would definitely recommend a visit if you can! The shops are just gorgeous! x