I've had a few inexplicable paranormal experiences, and I'd like to share them with you. I feel like I'm quite unbiased, as whilst I believe in the paranormal, I'm also a scientist, and know that many incidents can have a more mundane explanation. These, however, do not. As an adult, I welcome these experiences, as I don't think 'spirits' or 'ghosts' want to hurt you in most cases, and I find these glimpses into the unknown utterly fascinating.  I have three stories which stand out most to me, out of the mutitude of potentially paranormal happenings I've been witness to. 

Bloody Mary
I've always been enchanted by the idea of the paranormal, the scary, and Halloween, even as an awkward, nerdy child. I would tell my friends horror stories of my own making, and had a love of Halloween from the moment I could comprehend what it was. Naturally, urban legends like 'Bloody Mary' were something I found great delight in, and one afternoon, I successfully convinced my two best friends to try it with me. Picture three giggling 7-year-old girls, sneaking into the toilets and turning the lights off. Hoping we didn't get caught, we enacted the ritual of chanting 'Bloody Mary' into the mirror three times. Bloody Mary did not appear, much to my relief and disappointment. What did happen, however, was that a cubicle door slammed shut and a toilet flushed itself. The bathroom was windowless and empty, and the door was closed. No draft could have caused the door to slam so dramatically, and I see no reason for a toilet to spontaneously flush. As you can imagine, my friends and I ran out of the bathroom squealing, and never did play 'Bloody Mary' again. If my primary school is now haunted, I do apologise. 

The Workhouse
In my third year of university, I moved into the upper floor of an old terraced house that had been converted into flats. It had an 1800s date inscribed on the wall, and after some digging, I learned that it was likely once a workhouse for people who worked on nearby farmland. First came the stain. The landlord had painted the hallway mere days before we moved in, and the place still smelled like fresh paint. Yet, when we arrived, a large brown stain had appeared on the wall. It grew through the year, and the landlord and several workmen all searched for a cause, looking in the roof, and the walls, ony to find there was none. This stain was forming from nowhere. It wasn't mould, or damp, or something spilled. It was seemingly growing of nothing. 
After the stain, came the spiders. There were spiders in the flat a little more frequently than you'd expect, but one day when a workman came to visit, he went into the loft/roof, and came down looking pale and uncomfortable. 'It's like Arachnophobia up there' he said, explaining that he'd never seen so many spiders in one place before. He told us to keep the hatch closed because there were countless spiders as far as the eye could see. 
After this, we could hear footsteps above us at night, which would be fine if we weren't on the top floor. Frequently, I'd wake in the night to the sound of heavy boots clunking around the unused loft. It turns out, our downstairs neighbours were hearing footsteps too, at times when we weren't at home or were alseep. Our things started going missing and turning up in places where we simply would never have put them. 
We often had friends over for movie nights, as us students do. Things took an even weirder turn one night, when one of my best friends was lying on the floor, facing out into the hallway. He saw the shadow of a man walking across the hall. He didn't tell us until the next day for worry of scaring us all, but he is certain that he saw it. He's experienced similar before, and I believe him wholeheartedly.
The most noteable moment in our time living there, was when our downstairs neighbours had gone away for a weekend. They'd cleaned and tidied their flat, top to bottom, and had even taken a picture to post on Facebook of what a good job they'd done. In the centre of their living room lay a coffee table. When they returned, they asked if we'd been into their flat. We hadn't, and couldn't as we had no keys for their door. They asked if the landlord had visited, and he hadn't. We'd been in all weekend so would have heard him. They rang him to confirm, and no-one had entered the flat. Yet, when they arrived home, the coffee table had been flung against the opposite wall, and lay on its side against the scratched wall, with no plausible explanation. Nothing that dramatic happened again, and we eventually moved out when university finished without major incident. 

The Fire Alarm
For a time, I worked in a haunted house. It was haunted in the sense that it was a scare attraction, but the building was widely known to be genuinely haunted too. I started working there before it opened, and multiple workmen had bizarre experiences. Once it opened, other staff, including the owner, saw and heard things. I frequently saw shadows of people walking past when I knew I was alone. The most chilling experience I've had was in the early days of the haunted house being open. Naturally, there were a few teething problems, one of which was the fire alarm being triggered erroneously by smoke machines. It was my job to go down into the basement to double-check that no customers needed assistance getting out. I went down, and in my journey around the horror maze, saw two hands pressed against the clear plastic flaps used to divide up the sections. Thinking it was my boss goofing around, I pushed them aside laughing, ready to tell him to stop being silly. There was no-one there. He had been upstairs with our customers the whole time. I had seen, as clear as day, the palms of hands pressed against the plastic. I am certain it was a spectre. The place has been open for a year now, and many staff and customers alike have had similar experiences, so I know I'm not alone in seeing ghosts in the basement of this historic Liverpool building. 

These are not the only experiences I've had, but are the ones that stand out in my memory the most powerfully, and the moments I feel most certain about. Maybe I'll talk about the others on here eventually! Perhaps I'll have more in my lifetime. Have you ever had a paranormal experience? Please tell me all about it! 

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  1. The stories of the flat make me feel so gross! To be fair, the spiders alone would make me move out, but if they weren't there I would have to ask this spirit why it chucked the table and sort it out.

    1. I'll tell the haunted Bible story on here one day - it'll need a whole post to itself and will very much freak you out! I'm not sure why I didn't ask to be honest - I have no issue talking with ghosts and the like now!