Thursday, 4 October 2018

My Top 5 Favourite 'Comfort' TV Shows

We all know that snuggling under a blanket with a good TV show is a great choice for self-care. It's low energy, safe, escapism. Sometimes you just need to get cuddly and cosy with a comforting TV programme, especially when you haven't got the energy left to focus on anything too serious! When I'm drained, I just can't follow a complex plot or information overload. I need something visual, simple, and safe from anything upsetting (like global warming or sad plotlines!). Here are my top 5 TV shows for easy-watching comfort.

on a white surface with a white background, a Pennywise pop vinyl is next to a black hot drink mug that reads 'boo' in white font. In the foreground is a rat skull and a tiny jar of mouse bones.
hot drinks mandatory!

Great British Bake Off //  It's an obvious choice to start with, but we all know GBBO is basically unbeatable for the fuzzy TV feels. I must admit that I've only begun watching since my beloved Noel Fielding entered the tent, and I am so glad I did. From heartwarming peeps into the contestant's personal lives, to the relatively gentle judging and amazing team spirit between competitors, it is the ultimate generator of cosiness. Following the contestants' journeys gets me incredibly invested and involved, and the feeling of achievement and happiness when they do well is incredibly infectious! 

Abstract: The Art of Design // This show is truly fascinating. It's a wonderful blend of cinematography and animation, with delightful explanations from the designers themselves. I initially thought I wouldn't be interested beyond the first episode, about illustration, but quickly found myself immersed in the world of design. I was especially surprised to find the episodes on car design and shoe design so captivating. I truly have a new appreciation for art and how it permeates everything we have in our lives. This series has me utterly enchanted in a way I never have been before. I could watch this show on repeat forever. 

Explained // If you don't have the energy to concentrate on long episodes, then this is the show for you. Explained does what it says on the tin: explains things. In short, bite-size episodes, Explained tells you what you need to know about so many different topics. Covering all kinds, including the female orgasm, k-pop, eternal life, the stock market, and monogamy, the variation between episodes makes it ridiculously interesting. These short, easily digestible episodes are informative and hold your attention, even when your concentrational ability has shrivelled up and died a little bit. 

The World's Most Extraordinary Homes // Do you want to see beautifully filmed shots of brand new, massively expensive, and impeccably designed houses? Of course you do. See the inside and outside of some of the most interestingly designed houses, with no expenses spared. This series talks you through the design choices made by the architects and why, and takes you on a global tour of unbelievably beautiful homes. It's utterly fascinating to see how the architects did their best to respect the landscape, and make the properties to meet the owners' needs. I'd definitely recommend this - if you can't focus, you can still enjoy the nosey factor, and if you can, you get to learn about design. Winner!

Buzzfeed Unsolved // Okay, I know this is a YouTube series and not a TV show but I just can't get enough of this or the 'Buzzfeed Unsolved: Postmortem' episodes! I came for the paranormal series but fell in love with the true crime episodes too. Ryan and Shane's personalities just go so well together, making it completely hilarious to watch. I love how much research goes into each episode, the balance between entertainment and realism when discussing paranormal events, and how much you learn about different places and cultures along the way. Are you a Shaniac or Boogara? I'm a Boogara all the way! This will get you instantly hooked. 

You can probably gather from this that I love watching anything visually appealing, and quite like watching shots of fancy cakes, posh houses, and beautiful art. I had a few more shows along similar lines that I considered putting in here too (seriously, check out Tales by Light on Netflix!). I also really love watching informative TV shows, even if I don't always absorb all of the facts. Have you watched any of these? What are you go-to TV shows for comfort and self-care? 


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