Sunday, 28 October 2018

Spooky Self Care

Spooky babes need self-care too you know? Whilst I quite enjoy a bit of the fluffy pink side of life, it's not for everyone, and sometimes I need to wrap my goth self in cotton cobwebs. Whether you just want to get into the Halloween spirit whilst taking time to recharge, or you live the spooky life all year, this list of sinister self-care essentials will have you feeling cosy and creepy in no time. 

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell // This has instantly become one of my favourite TV programmes. Do I want to be Christine or do I want to marry her? I do not know. Enter her haunted home, a safe place for the weird and unusual, and let her and her bizarre friends show you how to make edible masterpieces, whilst observing the chaotic and hysterical happenings that follow this band of misfits. Christine's gentle manner, delight in the macabre, and awe-inspiring pieces of edible art make for a wonderfully relaxing watch, whilst her reanimated friends will have you dying with laughter. This is perfect for when you want to watch something spooky without being scared.

Creep it Real Tobacco Leaf candle by DW Home // What self-care list would be complete without candles? Absolutely not! I spotted this gorgeous candle in TKMaxx, and couldn't resist. The fragrance is warming and autumnal, whilst the black jar and gold 'Creep it Real' design make it ideal for any Wannabe-Wednesday Addams' home. I'm always here for horror puns and we all know I can't resist a delicious smelling candle, so this is ideal. Plus, their candles are made from palm or coconut wax, so they're vegan-friendly. Yay!

Where's the Zombie? // Do you ever think to yourself 'Where's Wally? needs more blood and guts'? Me neither. But if that is a thought you find yourself having, then get yourself a copy of Where's the Zombie?! It's exactly like the traditional game we know and love, except the aim is to find a family of zombies in the crowded and grisly scenes of the apocalypse, rather than our usual stripey friend. If you need distracting and something simple to keep you occupied, then join the search through zombie-ridden scenes found in this chilling activity book. I wouldn't recommend this for brain-fog days though - you might just find yourself staring aimlessly at zombies for ages!

Skull Lollipops from B&M // Have no fear my spooky vegan friends! B&M has saved the day! These adorable bags of skull lollipops are ideal for when you need something sweet and scary, or a boost of sugar in a long day. Reward yourself for being badass with these delicious skull lollipops, and don't worry about saving any for Trick or Treaters - you deserve it. 

Skull Glass from B&M // Another budget find in B&M, and great for adding a spooky twist to one of the most important acts of self care there is - keeping hydrated! I chose the purple and black gradient but there were brighter colours to choose from too. I've amassed quite a collection of these skull glasses, as they can be found in most budget stores every year at Halloween. For just £1.50, they last a long time too! For scary sippin', you need these glasses in your cupboard. 

Have you spotted anything for loving yourself in the season of the scary? Or does your self-care stay the same all year? Do you prefer the spooky, or the snuggly?


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  1. I adore B&M so love that they have brought out some Halloween themed lollipops, I am gonna have to go and buy some of them. I really love that Where's The Zombie book!! Really great blog post beautiful, 💜✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie x

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    1. Thank you for reading! Hope you got your spooky fix! xxx