Tuesday, 30 October 2018

The Horror Tag 2018

It's All Hallow's Eve Eve! What better time than the dark evening before Halloween to answer some questions about one of my favourite topics? This is another snazzy tag I've pinched from Amy, goddess of Blogtober. I'll be quite sad tomorrow when her posts are over. Without further ado, let's chat about horror!

What is your favourite scary movie? // 
I don't particularly have a favourite, but IT (2017) was the first time I'd been blown away by a horror film in a while! It might be that I saw it in the cinema instead of hunched over like a goblin in bed, which is how I ususally watch films, but there was something so special about it! 

Who is your favourite scream queen? // 
Sarah-Michelle Gellar, for providing constant inspiration since I was a little girl. 'What would Buffy do?' is a phrase that can get me through anything.
Elvira, for showing me that age is no barrier to being your truest self. I hope I age with as much grace and fun as her. I also hope my boobs look as amazing as hers, to be honest.
Vera Farmiga, for playing a character with a real-life counterpart I am fascinated by. She always gives an emotive, memorable performance and I hope she continues to appear in horror films for years to come!

What type of horror film do you like? //
I'm a lover of paranormal horror. Get inside my head and terrify me! 

What type of horror film do you not like? // 
I like a slasher/gore horror if it's done well and done properly! Films that are all gratuitous guts with no plot or substance just feel icky to me. 

If you were a scream queen in any movie which one would it be? //
I'd love to be a paranormal investigator who saves the day with my gifts, like Lorraine Warren, or a moody teenager who sees the ghosts first and speaks with them, like Lydia Deetz. 

Who is your favourite horror villain and why? //
I of course, love Pennywise. I have a bizarre soft spot for the new Pennywise, and find his buck-teeth oddly endearing. He's cute, in his own monstorous way! I absolutely love The Babadook too. He's a metaphor for mental illness, which makes him terrifying and poignant. Then the internet made him an LGBT icon and one of my favourite memes to date. Babadook forever. 

Who is the worst horror villain and why? // 
I don't have a dislike for any particular villain. Some 'entities' can be quite generic. I did find Paranormal Activity quite dissappointing, as the trailer showed literally every scary moment, and the rest of the film was all filler and a total waste of time. 

What is the worst horror film you have seen and why? // 
Probably The Devil Inside (2012). It was advertised so well, so I had incredibly high hopes, and the film did have some promising moments in it, but overall, it was badly paced and seemed to end halfway through the story, making it a bit of a let-down. 
Aside from this, my dad has a penchant for the low-budget horror on TV late at night, so I've seen more than my fair share of shoddy horror films!

Which horror film do you think is over rated? // 
Please don't hate me for saying this but probably The Shining (1980). I appreciate the cinematography, and the film does contain some beautiful and iconic shots, and I won't deny that Jack Nicholson is an incredible actor, but the film just doesn't have the spark for me. It doesn't feel sinister, or tense, or scary at any point, and I don't really understand why people worship it so much. I've also read that Shelley Duvall was subject to extreme levels of emotional curelty by Stanley Kubrick during filming, to the point she was experiencing hair loss from stress. 

Which horror film is under rated? //
Grave Encounters (2011) is quite underrated! It's not an excellent piece of filmmaking, and the plot is quite generic, but it's got some genuinely frightening and tense moments, and I found it a really entertaining watch - it's one I've found myself watching a few times!

Do you like horror spoof movies? //
When they're done properly, they're brilliant. What We Do in the Shadows (2014) is nothing short of a masterpiece. If it's witty, and has clever references to horror films, I love it. 

What is your favourite horror movie series? // 
'The Conjuring universe' is an amazing set of horror films. I've loved every single one. I've not yet seen The Nun (2018), but I really want to! The stories are just amazing, and I love that it plays on a true story and the real lives of the Warrens. 

Name 13 horror villains //
Pennywise, Frankenstein's Monster, Michael Myers, Freddie Krueger, Dracula, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, The Gentlemen, Babadook, Pinhead, Carrie, Chucky, Annabelle

Do you agree with my horror opinions? Or is not loving The Shining an act of horror sacrilege? Let's talk horror! 


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  1. I loved this blog post babe!! I adore a good paranormal horror which scares me - have you seen Trick or Treat? It's on Amazon Prime and is so scary!! Also Zak Bagans Demon House documentary had me sleeping with the lights on! Sarah Michelle Gellar is my favourite scream queen too, I used to also ask myself "what would Buffy do?" I need to be best friends with Lorraine Warren myself, she is totally amazing! Great blog post babe, really enjoyed reading it. 💜✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie x

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    1. I still need to watch it! So glad you enjoyed reading! xxx