Saturday, 12 January 2019

A Month in Horror Films - December 2018

Truly, in all of my festive rushing, I let the side down with my horror watching in December. The only Christmas-themed horror offering I watched was Gremlins, which I watch every year. Aside from that, my general watchings were pretty tame too. I guess fairy-lights and gift-wrap don't put me in the guts and gore mood! December's 'Month in Horror' is featuring some huge insects, two musicals, and a sinister thriller. I hope you fond chance to watch something spooky over Christmas, because we all know it's no excuse to not get gory! 

It Came From the Desert // 
Objectively, this film is pretty bad. Perhaps I don't get it because I don't know anything about the video game it's based upon. It's cheesy, the plot is a bit ridiculous and the script is hilarious - it's terrible, but it definitely hits that sweet-spot of 'so bad it's good'. Certain characters have absolutely hysterical lines, and somewhere during the film, you go from thinking they're all assholes to weirdly caring about them. There's giant bugs, motorbike stunts, and laughable characters, making it an enjoyable and entertaining watch. It's no masterpiece, but that's not what these films are here for. If you're looking for a trashy sci-fi horror, then go forth and watch this. 

Little Shop of Horrors
How on Earth did I wait so long to watch this?! I had been missing out! I love musicals, and I love horror, so I was bound to love this classic combination of the two. The use of caricatured character tropes from the bumbling Seymour to ditzy Audrey and the villainous dentist, makes the story dynamic and entertaining. Of course, I totally fell in love with Audrey II, and hearing her adult singing voice utterly killed me off. I think I've listened to 'Feed Me, Seymour' at least daily since watching it. This film is completely enchanting and I can see now why it's such a hit. I really want a venus flytrap now!

I put this film on as background noise, not expecting much from it, but boy was I wrong! If you're looking for constant fear and jump-scares then this isn't for you, but if a thriller with long-lasting creepiness, tension, and a splash of terror is what you need, then give Cam a watch. It leaves you with the kind of heebie-jeebies only horror that tackles modern technology can, and becomes increasingly dark as the protagonist's distress becomes more intense. It definitely keeps you guessing, leaves you reeling, and will kinda make you want to be a cam girl. 

Sweeney Todd
Little Shop of Horrors had me on the 'musical horror' train, so I couldn't resist re-watching Sweeney Todd. It's been years since I'd seen it and I forgot how iconic it is. The songs are amazing, the humour is brilliant, and the tale simply tragic. We get to see a creepy, entitled man get his comeuppance, and fall in love with the tortured soul of Sweeney (or is that just me?). I just adore the visuals too - the costume, set, and use of colour are just brilliant. This film is twisted, macabre, and gripping, and I want to watch this 1000 times over. 

Gremlins truly is a classic. I watch it every Christmas. It's a film I grew up with, so not something I can really 'review', except to say it's excellent in every way. Gizmo is wonderfully lovable and the Gremlins' antics will leave you shocked and in hysterics equally. The premise is marvellous and the soundtrack will be spinning around your head for days. If you've been living in a cave and haven't seen Gremlins somehow, watch it immediately! Why are you still reading? You should be watching Gremlins! 

I hope you had a magical Christmas and New Year, and as always, if you've got any spooky recommendations to kick-start 2019 then do let me know! 


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  1. I adore 'Little Shop of Horrors' however I think I need to give the others a watch too. πŸŒΈπŸ’œ

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |

    1. Yes, I'd definitely give Sweeney Todd a watch - I challenge you not to fall in love with him a little bit! x