Friday, 8 February 2019

A Month in Horror Films - January 2019

Happy February! It's Woman in Horror Month 10 so behold; another horror-themed post! I'd love to say January's 'Month in Horror Films' post is full of iconic women, but unfortunately I had no idea about Women in Horror Month until the last week of January. This gives me an excuse to watch lots of fabulous women-driven horror this month instead! 

Birdbox was the talked-about horror film of January. We've all seen the memes that came and went, featuring Sandra Bullock in her iconic blindfold. I was expecting great things by the time I came to watch it, and honestly, was disappointed. The idea of mass-suicides in horror isn't a brand new idea, and the story was lacklustre and unfinished. There's absolutely no explanation of why certain, mentally ill, people are immune to the effects, making a villain of mental illness without rhyme or reason. The pace veered from painfully slow to random bursts of inexplicable events, and the ending, whilst quite sweet, left much to be desired. I'm planning on reading the book as soon as possible, as I hear it's vastly better and more terrifying. 

Friend Request
This film was interesting, and truly played into the modern fear of social media dependence and isolation. It was shocking, gory, and had a brilliant, psychologically driven storyline, making it a great watch. The ideas of witchcraft through technology, the psychological impact of viewing and sharing of disturbing footage, and the isolation social media can create culminate to make an intense, disturbing horror film for the modern age. My only criticism would be the incredibly predictable and overdone ending, but hey, gotta keep the doors open for a sequel!

The Bye-Bye Man
I'm going to start by letting it be known how much I resent a film with such a ridiculously named antagonist being so enjoyable. I really, truly hoped it would be as silly as its titular villain. Alas, it turned out to be a brilliant film, with the psychological elements of a curse being explored in fascinating ways, and the building paranoia difficult to watch. I really expected this film to be terrible, but in the end found it a fun paranormal watch.  

Holy. Shit. Pun intended. This film is astounding. The cinematography is fascinating. The story is disturbing, frightening, and explores dark depths of humanity. There is gore that made me shriek and cover my eyes. Apostle truly has it all. Netflix don't always get it right with horror, but this time, they hit the nail on the head. Please, just watch this. It's been weeks since I saw it and I'm still speechless. 

Tucker and Dale VS Evil
If this was Twitter, I'd just type '!!!!!!' and leave it there. Tucker and Dale VS Evil is iconic. This horror-comedy flips horror tropes on their head, providing a gripping plot packed with laugh-out-loud moments and slapstick gore brilliance. You'll fall in love with Tucker and Dale and be left desperate for more. This is definitely up there in my all-time favourite films. 

What horror films got you through the endless January? Let me know! 


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  1. BirdBox, The Bye Bye Man and Friend Request are all movies I enjoyed, however, I haven't saw the other two so I need to check those out! 💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |