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WiHMX | Why Women Love Horror

We all know how fabulously excited I am to be celebrating Women in Horror Month! I've been busy talking to other women who adore horror and finding out why! It's such a ridiculous misconception that us women are too delicate to be interested in horror, and couldn't possibly enjoy the darker side of life. Plenty of us adore the scream-life, and we're here to tell you why!

I've loved horror since I was quite young. I grew up desperate to be allowed to stay up late and watch the horror films I knew my dad was watching, and giggling in my cousins bedroom when he showed us the gory parts of his horror collection before we got caught. When I finally reached my teen years, I spent almost every weekend staying at my best friend's house, delighted when her dad would take us to the video shop to rent horror films for us because we were too young. 

My love of horror has only grown - I am fascinated with the paranormal, psychology, and the darker side of humanity, and the way horror explores fears of the past, present, and future is a huge interest of mine. 


It’s pretty simple for me why I love horror. It’s exciting. It’s my thrill ride. I won’t get on a roller coaster but I’ll sit and watch scary movies. I get excited and have so much fun getting scared. It’s a thrill ride. It’s also a family tradition for us. Our son is in training and can handle pretty scary movies now by age 13! - Bubba of Bubba's Meltys


I love horror because there is always something different to do with the horror genre - it never gets outdated. There are plenty of things you can do with it! My personal favourite genre is slashers from the 70s. It’s one of my hobbies to sit down and get cosy and watch a horror film! - Emma of spookyemmaxo


Honestly I’m not entirely sure that I could give you a definitive answer. Ever since I was young I've always liked things like this, and as I got older my love for horror grew hugely, from the films and TV shows I watched to the books I read. My first taste of horror was the Goosebumps books when I was younger and I was completely obsessed with them, then I watched the first Scream film when I was about eleven, even though I know I shouldn’t have, but it didn’t really scare me. It piqued my interest in horror more and from then on it’s only grown more and more.

Bettie Karen of Bettie Karen


I, as a woman, have always been interested in anything supernatural, Wiccan, or horror and spooky based. It sounds silly to say now but my first love of anything horror came when I watched Scooby Doo as a little girl, as cartoons were always full of joy and happiness (which I loved) but I'd never seen anything spooky until that really. From Scooby, I moved onto watching something called 'So Weird' which was on the Disney Channel in the 90s, and I adored it. After that, I pretty much got my hands on anything horror based I could find: from horror movies to Goosebumps books, to Tarot cards, to crystals, etc.

Alisha Valerie of Alisha Valerie


Hi guys! I'm Sarah and you can find my blog over at Raiin Monkey. I think it's fantastic that Kiah is doing a series of posts in celebration of Women in Horror Month, and I'm so glad to be able to contribute my little bit towards it. So, why do I love horror? There are so many answers I could give to this question... I am a fan of the macabre and scary things in life, I am a lover of the creativity and passion that goes in creating thrilling storylines, and I'm not gonna lie, I am a fan of all the gore and villains and suspense that horror brings us! However when it comes to why I love horror as a woman, it is mostly because I love all of the strong female characters! Sure, there are lots of aspects about women in horror that I would love to see transformed, such as the problems surrounding the popular 'last girl standing' trope, but despite that, growing up I didn't get to see many badass women in film, until I discovered horror in my early teens. I grew up seeing so many strong lead men in action movies, superhero movies, etc., and although I got something from watching those movies, I felt the absence of women to look up to, women who were shown to be full of courage and had the ability to overcome extreme odds, to come out on top in the end. But this where horror filled that gap for me, and I was introduced to not only interesting and complex female characters, but also ones who could be just as epic at everything that their male counterparts could! Thank you Horror for providing us with wonderful female horror icons like Regan, Carrie White, Queen Akasha, Wendy Torrance, Tiffany, and many many more! 

Sarah of Raiin Monkey


As a woman I think what appeals to me in horror is when it doesn't make the victim prone to failure, instead, it makes them as witty and smart or even more so than the being after them whether that's a killer, a supernatural or something else. It's so much more enticing if all of the characters have a decent chance at winning because the ending will be much more satisfying either way.
My favourite genre has to be horror thrillers, I am so intrigued by the psychological aspects behind movies like Silence of the Lambs and Split. These films also portray women as powerful, strong individuals instead of the obvious victim label and address gritty topics that you rarely see outside of the Horror genre.

Jennie of Jennieverse


I'm a woman and I love horror because it brings together a spine-tingling sensation of fear, our own nightmares, dark imagination and criminology in a multi-sensory mix. We get submerged in the horrors as they are displayed to the author's ideas, like a conductor infront of the spooky orchestra.

With horror films, we hear the clues but before we have time to react the horror unfolds. In horror books it's worse, as the demons are created from your own imagination and only fuelled by the text. It's a custom nightmare built by your own mind, memories and fears but to the script of someone else's disaster.

Mattea of Glittery Phoenix


I love horror because it’s an escape from reality. I like the suspense, the adrenaline from and the build up to the scary moments. I like finding a movie that does scare me or has a good enough story that the scares don’t matter, especially if there’s at least suspense through it.
Amy of Asphodel Moon


I wanted to talk a little bit about my passion for horror, the scary and the strange. I just love it. I'm fascinated - since I was a child I dreamed of living in the incredible world of Tim Burton, and then as I was growing up, I discovered all of this was my life. Ever since I was 10 years old, until today at 28 years old I've been collecting everything on this subject. Through this world I met amazing people with the same tastes and very sick collections. I just thank you for welcoming me into this vicious world! 
Cynthia of Lembke The Horror Girl


I'd love to know why the scary life chose you! Let me know what it is about horror that gets you grinning!

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