I've finally managed to visit Frost Burgers after hearing so many good things and spoiler alert: it's well worth the hype! Sticking to our usual tradition when we try new vegan places, Freddie and I attempted to try as much of the menu as reasonably possible, and ended up ridiculously full!

The vibe is modern and rebellious, yet keeps the alternative appeal we'd expect from the Frosts. Graffiti meets a videogame aesthetic in bold murals, adding a fun, relaxed touch to the sleek black walls and benches. There are fabulous nods to veganism to be found in the menu and board designs, so there's no doubting that encouraging plant-based living is important at Frost Burgers. Something I found ridiculously exciting was their built-in can crusher! You can be an eco-warrior and crush cans like The Hulk before popping them in the designated bin. Saving the planet can be brilliant fun! 

Chicken Free Burger Meal with Fries and Karma Cola
I ordered the Chicken Free Burger, and it was delicious! It was succulent and had a generous portion of salad and trimmings on it. The mayo tasted lovely and had a great texture, but unfortunately was weirdly slippery and made the burger ridiculously messy to eat. The burger tasted excellent but fell apart in my hands and ended up everywhere. Frost Burgers is a cutlery-free establishment so I wouldn't recommend it if you're against getting sauce all over your hands! 
The fries the meal came with were perfect - the portion was wildly generous, and the fries themselves were delightfully crispy. They were of perfect girth too - not stringy like McDonald's and not fat and heavy like oven chips. If you're just looking for a quick snack, popping in for a bag of fries isn't a bad idea. 
I am fully sold on Karma Cola too. Initially I wondered what could be so special about a can of cola, until I realised how refreshing it was. Imagine the taste of cola without the burning sensation from swallowing it? Plus it's sourced more ethically which is always a plus. 

Beef & Bacon Burger Meal with Fries and Lemonade
Freddie: I can't remember the exact name of the burger I ordered, but it was on the specials menu and had beef and bacon-style bits, and a few slices of vegan cheese too. The burger itself tasted great, a lot like the products VBites make, but the sauce, although tasting nice, made things a bit too messy. I'd just order it without the sauce next time, I guess! The fries were good, a generous amount, and the lemonade was great tasting however a little on the small side - anyone used to regular fast-food drinks sizes might want to order two. This was definitely the fastest vegan eating experience I'd had, with the meal arriving just a few minutes after ordering, which is great if you're in a rush!

Frost Bites
Move over Fry's chicken nuggets, there's a new guy in town! These little bites are delightfully crispy and super filling without being stodgy - the texture is just perfect. I'd heard many good things and they did not disappoint. If you're looking for a snack rather than a full meal, I'd definitely give these a try. I'm drooling a bit just thinking about them to be honest. 

Chocolate Frosty Shake
In my notes for this post, I'd written 'sweet, thick, filling' which let's be honest, sounds a bit lewd. It's the perfect description though! This milkshake was marvellously indulgent, with a rich chocolate flavour. It was filling, smooth, and luxurious. I am very much looking forward to getting my hands on another one! 

Frosty Cone
The Frosty Cone is so fun! It's lovely for the novelty of having soft-serve ice-cream in a cone, something us vegans don't come across often! Aside from the joy of it, it is quite plain and has quite a noticeable soya taste to it. It's refreshing and a bit of fun, but not something I'll buy regularly. 

Holy moly, I never thought I'd be so excited about a doughnut but here I am. It was a flavour I've not experienced in such a long time! The pink icing was so sweet and evoked nostalgia for running around, high on sugar, with sticky-hands as a child. It was like being at the funfair. I don't think I could ever get enough of these, truly. This was one of those foods that I've struggled to stop thinking about. I've had to exercise some major self control to not overindulge on these rings of heaven. 

I'm looking forward to an excuse to pop in again - even if just to grab a doughnut and 'shake! 


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