Adopting a cat is a wonderful experience. We’d planned and prepared for the arrival of our little bundle of fur as meticulously as most prepare for a baby. As responsible pet owners, Freddie and I wanted to be prepared so naturally, our house was a cat haven waiting for Rocky to come home. Bags of litter? Check. Quality food? Check. Toys? Check. Could anything have taught us the lessons sweet Rocky has in just a few days? No. Having a greedy, fluffy housemate is cool, and has definitely taught me a few things.

1. You’ll become super annoying. // You know those people who make every conversation about their children? You’ll be that person. Except about your cat. Nothing in the world could be more interesting to you than updating your colleagues on everything from that really cute face he pulled, right down to his bowel movements. You’ll be blissfully unaware that no one really cares except you.

2. You’ll break all the rules. // Before your feline friend meowed into your life, you very sensibly set out some ground rules. Trust me, they’ll all be broken within a day. ‘No cats on the bed’ very quickly becomes ‘just whilst he settles in’, then suddenly you realise that you no longer own a bed. Your bed now belongs to the cat. All he must do is look at you with those huge eyes and you’ll be launching the rule book out of the window. The feline is in charge now.

3. Buttholes are part of your life now. // Cats really love putting their anus on things. Pretty soon no inch of your home will be untouched by your cat’s bootyhole. Accept it.

4. You’ll be a pageant mom. // You’ll soon become utterly convinced that your cat is the most handsome, most special cat to ever live, and that your baby deserves to be a star. Whilst you thought you’d never take the time to make an Insta for your cat, suddenly you’ve got dreams of him being a social media sensation, flying the flag for rescued cats everywhere. How could the world not fall in love with your schnuckums? He is purrfect.

5. Memes are suddenly very relatable. // Within 24 hours of your cat moving in, you’ll notice that you understand all of the cat memes you see online. It’s like entry into a secret club, where everyone understands life under feline overlords.

6. Some moments are special. // You’re going to get emotional putting your cat’s collar and ID tag on. You’re going to get emotional when the microchip registration is confirmed to you. You’re going to get emotional the first time your cat seems comfortable in your house. Anything signifying that your new buddy has found his forever home with you is going to feel a lot more special than you expected it to.

7. Cat food smells hideous. // You’ll spend the first couple of days convincing yourself that you’ll adjust to the aroma of meat in jelly. You won’t. There’s no way around it. Cat food just smells horrible. Thankfully they gobble it pretty quickly so it doesn’t last. You will start to find the weird fish breath that comes out of their tiny mouths oddly endearing though. Yes, your breath stinks, but I love you.

8. Your cat will have 100 names. // Giving pets silly nicknames is one of those things that just happens. Your cat is going to have an array of aliases ranging from the regal to the outright insulting. Yes, your cat is ‘Sir Whiskers’ but he is also ‘Mr. Anus’, and there’s nothing he can do about it.

9. You’ll get a little obsessed with poop. // When a cat comes to a new home, not only do you have to teach them where their litter tray is, but they also have runny ‘nervous’ poops at first. This means you’re going to spend your first week of cat ownership bizarrely fixated on your cat’s bowel movements. When he finally does a solid poop, in the litter tray, with the cover on, you’ll feel like a proud parent.

10. Your heart will grow 3 sizes. // You fell in love at the shelter, but nothing will prepare you for the rush of love you’ll feel when your cat crawls onto your chest to cuddle for the first time, or when he closes his eyes and purrs. Knowing your cat feels safe, loved, and loves you too is an incredibly precious feeling.

Adopting a cat has been one of the most wonderful things I've ever done. Rocky has taught me a lot since invading my home - I'm pretty sure he's really come from outer space. 


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  1. I've loved following your journal on how you adopted your cat via your instagram, super cute darling! I'm sending you all of my love! 🌸💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x | www.alishavalerie.com