Reducing your environmental impact can seem so overwhelming. There's so many changes you can make, and yet at the same time, it's easy to feel like the world is stacked against you. Trust me, the world wants your help, but the corporations in charge don't like to make it easy! If you're feeling flustered and unsure where to begin, fear not! There are so many little changes you can easily slip into your daily life before jumping into the big stuff.

Get naked // Start your day with a naked soap. It seems like everyone thinks shower gel is the way forward, but skip the plastic packaging and swap it for a soap bar. You can get gorgeously scented, natural, and luxurious soap bars at super affordable prices. When you're naked, your soap should be too!

Pack it in // Pack your lunch! It's simple. Meal deals are expensive and use way too much packaging. Plus, you'll be saving yourself the disappointment of discovering that all of the good options are taken and you're stuck with something gross. Packing your lunch puts you back in control, saves pennies, and the Earth will thank you. 

Cat out of the bag // Take the cat out of the bag, and put your groceries in! In the words of Tim Minchin 'Take your canvas bags to the supermarket!'. I'm guilty of being forgetful with this, but with a little effort, it becomes completely natural. A good tip my boss gave me was that she puts her packed lunch in her canvas bag so she always has one. My sneaky tip is that it's super easy to get free canvas bags at fresher's fairs, conferences, employment fairs and similar events, so if you're on a budget, grab a load there! It's pretty easy to build a collection! 

Bus w**ker! // For my non-British readers, here's a link to what I'm talking about. Embrace it. Take public transport. The road does not need more cars on it. If you can, swap your drive with a bus journey, or a train, or a tram, or a ferry. I'm not going to pretend public transport isn't a little icky and inconvenient but it's cheaper and you can cosy up with a book or catch up on Twitter, neither of which I'd advise you do whilst driving. You can even go a step further and reduce the waste of paper by getting a digital ticket on your phone. I was horrified at how much paper was being used to form a 'bus ticket graveyard' at the bottom of my handbag. For just £14, I have all of my travel covered for the week, right on my phone. 

Purse First // Walk into the club purse first! And the shops! We're constantly bombarded by messages to own more, buy more, spend more, and be more. Scaling it back to what we need is liberating. It's a good time to be more frugal and tighten those purse strings. Mindless consumption is choking the planet, so in all of your shopping endeavours from food to fashion, consider if it's something you truly need. 

Strip off // This may come as a shock, but fruit and veg already have skin. They don't actually need wrapping in plastic. If you're able to buy unwrapped fresh produce, then please do. Those apples and bananas do not need to be trapped in plastic, and nor do the sea turtles. 

Click, click, click, and...// Plant trees! It will take you 10 seconds to switch your browser over to Ecosia on your phone and laptop. Ecosia use their profits to plant trees all around the world, in places where they're needed most to help the environment and local communities. They're also completely financially transparent, don't sell your data and use 100% renewable energy. Catch up, Google! 

Pour Some Sugar on Bee // We all know our fuzzy stripey friends are important, and work hard pollinating our flora. If you see a little bee looking tired, put some sugar and water on a teaspoon and let the wee angel have a drink. It'll perk them right up and give them a boost to finish their journey!

Don't be a hoe // Do whatever you want in the bedroom, but when it comes to your garden, less is more! Get lazy with your gardening chores and let the flowers, 'weeds' and grass grow! Your garden is a valuable habitat for so many critters, and keeping your lawn trim jeopardises that! Being a bit lax with the grass will do the planet more good than you think. 

I hope this has helped make the move to a less impactful lifestyle less daunting! What are your favourite eco-lifestyle tips?


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