I was lucky enough to be invited to a wonderful press event with North West Blog Gang at The Body Shop Liverpool One last week, to learn all about their new menstrual equity campaign and their updated approach to plastic use. I was also treated to a wonderful and vegan-friendly facial*, learned some interesting bits about skincare, and discovered that Vimto Chewy Bon-Bons are vegan and very addictive! 

Menstrual Equity

The Body Shop are currently partnered up with Bloody Good Period as part of a campaign for menstrual equity. They're using the term 'menstrual equity' along with 'period products' to ensure inclusivity towards anyone who menstruates, and to battle the stigma surrounding open discussion about periods. They've got boxes in-store to collect donations of period products, to be donated via Bloody Good Period to asylum seekers and refugees who cannot afford to purchase them themselves. Bloody Good Period also provide menstrual education to those who do not have access to it. I'm really happy that The Body Shop are using their platform to support such a brilliant organisation and to raise further awareness of period poverty. 

Plastic with Bottle

The Body Shop's ethos is 'to fight for a fairer and more beautiful world', and with this in mind, they've begun their 'Plastic with Bottle' campaign in partnership with TerraCycle. They're changing the way they produce plastic, the way customers recycle plastic, and the way staff use plastic, which is no easy task! At our current rate of plastic use, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. The time to act is now. 

Starting with how The Body Shop produce plastic, they're beginning to use a lot more PCR plastic - which is both recycled and recyclable. Certified 'Community Trade' virgin plastic will only be added to extend the lifespan of the recycled plastic, and they hope that by 2022, 75% of their plastic will be PCR, which is an excellent start. 

Their partnership with TerraCycle is leading the way to motivate customers to dispose of packaging correctly. TerraCycle can recycle far more than the average waste authority, including those 'unrecyclable' mixed plastic items like pumps and lids. They make brilliant things like park furniture out of them! The Body Shop are offering £5 store credit on your Love Your Body card for every five The Body Shop bottles you bring back to give to TerraCycle. You can bring your empties from other brands too, but they won't count towards your store credit. The Body Shop hope to be taking on 25% more plastic to recycle than the plastic they're using, so get collecting up those bottles!

Their commitment to reducing the use of virgin plastics goes right down to in-store staff level. Bottle water has been banned in staff rooms, and water filters have been installed to encourage staff to use reusable bottles. More comprehensive recycling bins have been added to make sure store waste is being disposed of as effectively as possible too. It's great to see such thorough commitment to reducing plastic!


Did you know The Body Shop sells a vegan-friendly product every 3 minutes? Neither did I. It turns out, The Body Shop has full ranges of vegan products, and is in the process of improving labelling to make their vegan products easier to find. They treated me to a refreshing vegan facial* and gave me some skincare tips to help keep my combination skin balanced and calm. They started by testing the hydration of my skin using a jazzy little machine (good-mildly dehydrated, if you were wondering), and used reactive papers to check the levels of sebum, or oil, in my skin. From there, they made a tailored facial and wrote down some recommendations for skincare to use in future. For my facial, they used mostly products from their 'Drops of Youth' range, which uses plant stem-cells to moisturise, refresh, and smooth the skin. I left feeling relaxed, fresh, and glowing, and would definitely suggest popping to your local store for a pamper and some tailored skincare advice! 


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  1. It sounds like you had a really good time at the event darling, I'm sending you all of my love. 💜

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