Imagine my delight when I discovered that a new vegan business was opening so locally. Then imagine my unrestrained glee when I found out that business was a 90s-themed vegan cake shop! Doughmain is exactly that, giving us treasures like Simpsons-aesthetic donuts and replicas of school dinner cakes in a slice of retro paradise.

My spooky 90’s baby self was truly at home when I entered and immediately spotted a wall adorned with retro horror film posters, taking me right back to watching classics like The Ring in my best friend’s room on a Friday night. Of course, my heart sang at the giant Buffy poster, because let’s be honest, Buffy makes everything better. Stepping in further, the 90s vibes continue with nostalgia-evoking d├ęcor like Spice Girls bobble-heads, a transparent telephone, and Mizz magazine. Humble brag: I had my cringe stories published a couple of times!

Helen, the genius behind it all, is truly inspiring. She’s single-handedly started a small vegan business, which she runs herself, whilst baking such wonderfully creative cakes and cultivating a space with such a welcoming and playful atmosphere. She really is a Wonder Woman! Not only is Helen ‘goals’ in every way, she’s super friendly, and happy to chat. She’s understanding and knowledgeable about allergens, which is incredibly important to me, and manages to keep her business low-waste! Everything comes in cute cardboard boxes featuring the Doughmain logo, and the drink selection is canned.

I didn’t buy any drinks, but the range of adorable cartoon-themed beverages are fantastic, and some are hard to come by elsewhere. The cake selection changes slightly each day, giving plenty of reason to visit again (and again, and again, and again). I decided to try out 3 cakes; the glazed donut, school cake, and pop tart.

The glazed donut was so ridiculously delicious. It was almost the size of my head, and yet I gobbled it in record speed, merrily coating my face and hands in icing. The texture was perfect, and exactly like an American donut, with a crisp outside and soft, slightly chewy interior. The generously added glaze made it a sticky, sweet, iced piece of heaven. A glazed donut may seem a simple concept, but I can assure you, Doughmain has perfected it.

Naturally, I couldn’t resist trying a slice of school cake, and I am so glad I did. It was everything I remember school cakes being (but around twice the size!). The sweet, fluffy texture was the ultimate nostalgia trip, and the layer of white icing and rainbow sprinkles were just delicious. I’ve no idea how they’ve made such an accurate replica of a cake lost to the 90s, and the surprise of how perfect it tastes makes the school cake such a fun treat!

The third cake I bought was the pop tart. I was the ultimate pop tart connoisseur when I was a child but gave them up to go vegetarian when I was 11 (Gelatine? No thank you!). I’ve spent years hoping pop tarts would miraculously become ‘accidentally vegan’ to no avail, so I was so excited to try this. Doughmain’s pop tarts are like grown-up versions of my old favourite. They’re intensely sweet, with a rich, flavoursome jam and sugar-rush icing sitting upon a biscuit base that crumbles in your mouth.  

My sweet-tooth is in love with Doughmain’s delicious creations, and I’ll definitely be going back to try more of their offerings as soon as possible! Vegan baking has come so far since I first became vegan, and I’m so happy that these options are now available and that we can support small vegan businesses to thrive! 

What’s your favourite vegan cake?


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