Caernarfon is a beautiful town on the coast of Wales, rich in Celtic and Medieval history. If you're looking for a peaceful coastal getaway, Caernarfon is ideal. It's easy to fall into the idyllic pace of living when feeling the salty breeze between the fascinating architecture, independent shops, and scenery. Despite the town's gentle feel, there's plenty to explore, even when on a budget.  

Town Walls // The famed medieval town walls, built in the 1200s, circuit and protect the old town. They're a UNESCO World Heritage Site, featuring wonderfully preserved noble towers and gateways, and make a delightful and interesting walk that truly gives you a feel for Caernarfon.

Maes Market //  On a Saturday and Monday, Maes, also known as Castle Square, is filled with the bustle of a quaint little market. With a perfect view of Caernarfon Castle, you can explore stalls selling handcrafted goods like traditional carved spoons, artwork, and jewellery made from local slate. It's the perfect way to spend a couple of hours in the sunshine, and it's wonderful to appreciate and support local craftsmanship. 

Caernarfon Castle // A visit to Caernarfon Castle is a brilliant way to spend an afternoon. If you're a hands-on learner who likes to experience history, you'll love climbing the towers and turrets of this medieval fortress, and tunnelling in the hidden corridors and rooms around every corner. It's an architectural masterpiece featuring polygonal towers and banded stone walls, with grand views across the River Seiont. For £9.90, you can see the King's bedroom, experience reenactments, and learn about Caernarvon's history of royalty and battle within the castle walls.

Smallest Bar in Wales // Caernarfon is home to Bar Bach, the smallest bar in Wales. Along the town walls, in a quiet little corner, is an adorable little bar. With tables made of upcycled sewing tables, and cushioned barrels to sit on, the bar makes excellent use of the small space. They have a wonderful gin selection and seats outside to soak up the sunshine, making it an ideal spot to relax. 

Steam Engines // Whilst a ride on the steam engines are expensive, a visit to Caernarfon train station to watch them chug by will cost nothing. The Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railway is the oldest train company in the world that still operates, so you'll have the chance to see over 200 years of history stop in the train station as people disembark the original carriages. 

Architecture & Local History // Wandering the town exploring the historical architecture and local history is a great way to get fresh air and have a relaxing stroll at your own pace. Around every corner, on each cobbled street, you'll find sights like Gwladfa Patagonia Chapel, a chapel where initial negotiations regarding the formation of Y Wladfa, a Welsh-speaking colony in Patagonia, took place. You'll find history and local lore wherever you look. 

Harbours // As a beautiful coastal town, Caernarfon is home to breathtaking harbours. Look out across the River Seiont or the sparkling waters of the Menai Strait and watch boats and yachts sail by. Bask in the sun and the fresh sea air, whilst you enjoy an ice lolly and the glorious views. 

Caernarfon is a town packed with relaxing, scenic, and historical culture, ideal for a weekend getaway or few days of peace. For a quiet, offbeat town, it's full of things to do and see, and the refreshing combination of history and innovation is what makes it so special, and why Cofis are so proud of their heritage. 


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