It's no secret that modern living is fast-paced and exhausting. It can be impossible to find any time at all between work, study, your side hustle, your social life, your family, and countless other commitments. You're not designed to live this way, and can easily end up burned out. With unavoidable responsibilities, sometimes the best you can do for your wellbeing is to slip some tiny moments of self-love into your busy day. 

Start with a cup of tea in the morning. Before you plunge into the hubub of your day, slowly sip a cup of your favourite tea, take some deep breaths, and enjoy the aroma. Consider your aims and affirmations so you're ready to start the day feeling calm, refreshed, and prepared.

We all groan at the thought of our morning commute. Turn it into a positive moment of personal time. If you drive, listen to an eBook or relaxing music. If you're someone who uses public transport, feeling relaxed probably seems impossible, but if you can immerse yourself in a book for 20 minutes, the journey will fly by and become a treasured moment of tranquility in your morning.

You're running errands. Your hands are full. You're sweaty and flustered. You've been power-walking from place to place for far longer than you'd like. Slow down a moment. You can afford an extra 2 minutes. Reroute your walk through somewhere beautiful. Take the scenic route. Bonus points for cutting through a green space, but some pretty architecture will do. Breathe in. Notice the details. Be in the moment and let the world slow down for 120 seconds, then carry on getting things done. 

Once you've arrived home, and realised there's tea to cook and hoovering to be done, you might think there's no time at all for you. When you've ran out of energy and collapsed in front of the television, give your pet a cuddle. It's a scientific fact that snuggling pets is good for your wellbeing, and your furbabies will love it too. Relax with the warmth of your purring cat, or enjoy the joyful energy of your dog. Everyone is a winner! 

As the evening is coming to an end, it's so important to properly switch off for a restful night of sleep. The internet is awash with advice to relax for an hour before bed for peaceful sleep, but for most people, spending a whole hour doing absolutely nothing might not be realistic. Instead, create a specific bedtime routine. For me, my skincare routine and feeding the animals has become such an integral part of my bedtime that those gentle tasks make me quite sleepy. Once you're in bed, take 5 minutes to do meditative breathing. It's a simple way to relax and help yourself drift to sleep, and ends your day on a positive.


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