As the sleepy start to the year begins to increase its pace, I’ve been desperate for my 2020 goals to happen immediately. In the absence of that possibility, I’ve found myself channelling my impatience and misplaced productivity into a desire to improve my home and wardrobe. I’ve been finding inspiration in spooky gallery walls, whimsical gothic style, and macabre creativity.

How I swoon over my dearest Black Phillip! I’d like to be his Valentine, especially if he asks in his iconic husky voice. This adorable illustration has got me dreaming of a night in with my beloved, watching The VVitch and living deliciously.

I have intense interior design envy when I gaze upon this beautifully curated gallery wall. I long for the day when I can have total freedom over my décor (renting sucks!), and can finally adorn an entire wall with frames of skeletons, trinkets, and esoteric art.

Full of powerful feminine anger, these vintage images are reborn twisted. These gruesome and poetic expressions show such fire in their simplicity, and I find myself captivated.

‘Posing in a batwing cape next to comedic crypts at Disneyland’ must be the peak of lifestyle goals. I want to be living my best, most glamourous life like this, but until then I’ll just have to swoon at Christina’s immaculate aesthetic and lament the fact that shipping a bat cape from America costs too much.

What's been inspiring you lately? 


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