I am now soon to be Mrs Freddie! On the 9th May 2020, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Of course, I said yes! If you couldn't tell, I'm beyond excited and keen to share our good news with anyone who'll listen. I'm still so surprised that someone as wonderful as Freddie would want to spend forever with someone as ridiculously catastrophic as me!

Freddie and I met at sixth form college in 2012. I wore entirely too much eyeliner and he had that black swoopy hair that made 16-year-old Kiah weak at the knees. I was impressed by his large Twitter following and his status in the online Muse fandom. He thought my hair made me look like a pixie. Even though I fancied his friend at the time, I still remember the way he smiled at me when we first met. His whole face lit up and I felt at ease right away. I guess my heart knew before I did.

Fast forward eight years and we've been through everything together. First jobs, new jobs, student life, graduation, milestone birthdays, and way too many flats and houses; we've been side by side through all of the highs and lows of young adult life. We're finally living a steady and happy family life in a little rented house with more pets than our landlord knows about, and had started discussing marriage. Freddie had always said he wouldn't propose until we were ready to plan a wedding and get married soon after, and we realised that it was finally achievable. 

As we'd had lots of conversations about engagement and marriage, I had a big influence on the ring. I showed him what I liked, and we decided an emerald would be perfect. I didn't want a traditional diamond, and was looking for something with meaning. Emeralds are my birthstone, and green is Freddie's favourite colour. Emeralds are also known as 'the stone of successful love', and are said to nurture a happy heart, friendship, balance, and passion, among other 'ingredients' for a lasting and loving relationship. They also have strong association with the goddess Venus, a true icon of love. After helping choose a ring, I knew a proposal was on the horizon, but when the pandemic struck, I assumed our plans would be waiting too.

We already had a blissful weekend planned. We'd planned on having a picnic in our yard, and the weather was on our side. The sun was glorious, the gin was flowing, and we were merrily munching on our leftover Papa John's pizza from the night before. I'd optimistically made some crudités and brought some hummus out, but that was definitely ignored in favour of pizza. What more could a girl want? We were both relaxed and happy, talking about everything and nothing and looking at the blue sky. Freddie suggested he should bring the guinea pigs outside, and disappeared indoors to get them. When he returned, he did not have guinea pigs, he had a ring! He got down on one knee, and told me he didn't have a speech prepared as he hadn't planned on proposing right now, but the moment was right and he didn't want to wait. He said lots of wonderful romantic things, and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes! Our song, Crocodile Rock by Elton John started playing, and he asked me to dance.

Once we were done giggling and dancing and I'd stopped shaking and asking 'really?!' in increasing pitch, we called our families to tell them the good news. No-one ever mentions the hours you spend on the phone, or how loved you'll feel for it. We were so uplifted by how happy and excited everyone else was, and we truly felt so cared for. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone in person to celebrate (and show off my new bling, of course!). 

Planning can't really happen until lockdown is over, so for now we're sharing ideas, exploring our different options, and looking forward to when we can really start organising everything. I'll be here, watching clips of Say Yes to the Dress and reading wedding blogs. If you have any recommendations, let me know!


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